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CZ 200 T for sale, In good condition very accurate, CZ 200 T for sale, In good condition with carrying case, Anschutz 7020/20 - M18 Sight set, H&N Match-Box (100 Pellets), Full tin of H&N Final Match and a few accessories, will also include a spotting scope
 For Sale FX Streamline 5.5 mm , Hi guys, I have my FX Streamline up for sale. The gun is in good nick and shooting laser-accurate with JSB 18gr and JSB Hades pellets. It's with a bit of reluctance that I'm selling but I do a fair bit of pesting at the local dairy farms and I need something that can take a bit more punishment around the sheds and feeding troughs. The walnut stock is absolutely beautiful and I've been oiling it on a regular basis.

Package includes: Rifle, 3 magazines, UTG 6-24X50 36-color IR Mil-dot Scope with rings, a fitted picatinny rail (bipod not included), a moderator and gun case.

Price: R15 000 (slightly neg)

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