Cleaning out safe room, Bullets
10 x 375 300gr Sabi solid R200
17 x 375 260gr Nosler solid R260
93 x 224 55gr Hornady GMX R800
93 x 224 55gr Rhino S/S R550
200 x 224 60gr Hornady SP R700
70 x 223 mixed R140
343 x 9mm mixed R300
243 15 x Sako 16 x PMP 18 x Lapua 11 x Federal 67 x Hornady R500
Mounts & rings
Hawke 30mm med mounts R500
UTG Dovetail 25mm high mounts R300
3 x Nikon Sunshades 42mm R200 each
2 x sets Winchester M70 bases Weaver R200 each
1 x 338WM Lee Collet die set R350
Contact Stephen 0828516548 for info & pics 
Courier cost for buyers account

9mm brass, .30 180gr bullets, .22hornet dies bulet, 9mm brass once fired. 14 x Hornady, 65 x Sig and 107 x Maxx Tech @ R250 for all

PMP .30 180rg bullets x 50 @R200

.22 Hornet 35gr GS Custom HV Bullets x 174 @ R400
.22 Hornet Redding reloading die set @ R700
500 S&W
  • 500 S&W
  • I am a cartridge collector looking for two or three 500S&W revolver rounds or bullets and empty cases. Lead bullets are also fine.  I am also interested in swop and trade with other cartridge collectors. Kensington JHB area??
  • R 00,000.00
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