Kriek Bullets, Kriek Premium Monolithic Bullets for Sale.
Your companion for the far-away plains.
Extremely Accurate - Extremely High Performance!

Please visit to view our products and place an order. You will also find a downloadable Bullet File for QL there. 

Turnaround time +-30 days, Delivery Countrywide by TCG at +-R99.
Claw Bullets, Claw Core Bonded Hunting- and Unbonded Range Bullets for sale.
When you only have one chance to bring the bacon home.
Please visit
to view our product & prices and place your order.
We deliver countrywide. Turnaround time 3-10 days.
Stewart Bullets, Stewart Core Bonded Bullets for sale.

The Best African bullet when Africa gets tough!
Strong Jackets, Bonded Core. To view our products and prices, and to place an order, please visit Turnaround time +-30 days, delivery RAM Couriers+- R205.00. We deliver country wide.
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