.243 Ackley Ruger m77 26" Walther Match Barre, Ruger m77 .243 Ackley Improved with a 26″ Walther Match Bull Barrel, threaded for silencer with cap, which has fired ±150 shots.

1 x Redding Type S-Match Die Set .243 Winchester Ackley Improved
250 x .243 Ackley Improved Shell Casings already fireformed (In the previous barrel), neck sized, and prepared for reloading. Ammo boxes not included.
1 Set 30mm SS Scope rings
1 Set 20mm SS Scope rings
S321 Somchem propellant, Frontier and Hornady bull, Somchem S321 propellant R390 per tin 
Courier for the customers account. 
batcg just collected. 

frontier bulltes available in stock. CMJ
124gr RN per 1000 @R1338.31
147gr RN per 750. @R1127.19
147gr FP per 750. @R1127.19
230gr 45 ACP per 500 @R944.06

Hordany SP 55gr 22Cal .224 R300 per 100
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