Stainless Tumbling Media, 1.2mm x 6.5mm pins
1kg media for R250
Delivery R115 up to 5 kg there after I pay the courier fees.
Media is locally manufactured from 304 Stainless steel.
Can be sorted with a magnet.
Has no sharp edges and will not damage your brass in anyway
Nikon scopes and CZ 550/BRNO 600 mounts, Nikon Monarch 1.1-4x24ir danderous game scope..30mm tube condition
Warne 30mm CZ QD Rings R1250
CZ/BRNO steel picatinni rail with steel 30mm rings R1250 for all
Warne CZ 25mm steel high rings
Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 scope 25mm tube R2350.. like new.
MEC Grabber 761R shotgun shell reloader, Working reloader for shotgun shells. Set up for 12 guage 2
RCBS 375 cal bullet mould, RCBS 37-250 bullet mould. Nominal 265 grain sized 0.376 and used with gas check. Inlcuded top punch for RCBS lubrisizer ( no lube die)
Ideal for low recoil load for 375 H&H , 375 Ruger / 375 nitro 2-1/2
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