Single Shot Rifles

WR "Free State" Martini Carbine, These
GH Daw Snider Mk II Carbine in .577, Scarse GH Daw Snider MkII Carbine in .577. Barrel in very good to excellent condition. Gun complete save for loading rod. Brass furniture. Comes with 10 Magtech 24ga new cases for making your .577 cases. Gun on dealer stock.
.425WR Improved - Ruger Action, Rifle buildt by Ralph Badenhorst on a Ruger action with a 22 inch Truvelo barrel fitted with a Leupoldt VX11 1-4 20mm scope. The rifle use a 404 jeff case fire formed to .425 case to eliminate the Rebated Rim and facilitate easy access to cases. The rifle comes with a set of custom dies made by Holland & Holland for the chamber of the rifle. The rifle has shot only 50 rounds
Mr, R 38,000.00
  • Mr, R 38,000.00
  • R 38,000.00
SAKO A7 ROUGHTECH PRO 6.5 CREEDMOOR, The Sako A7 RoughTech Pro 6.5 Creedmoor is a hunting rifle designed for medium size game hunting. It was created to offer a lightweight, genuine Sako rifle at an affordable price. The Sako RoughTech Pro stock has a fully integrated aluminium bedding block that ensures a precise and rigid chassis, as well as a rough surface texture that ensures a solid grip in all weather conditions.
Black powder rifle , Antique single shot percussion lock. black powder hunting rifle.Imported myself from Belgium. Beautiful ingraved side lock trigger guard and hammer. Including original ramrod and  ball compartment in the stock. Selling her because it's not fitting in my collection. Please make a serious bid.please WhatsApp ore email 0676034597
TIKKA T3X 308 WINCHESTER TACT 20 INCH, The Tikka T3x 308 Winchester TACT rifle offers consistent accuracy, be it at the range or out hunting on the plains of South Africa. The 20″ free-floating barrel of the Tikka T3x TAC effectively eliminates vibration, offering solid accuracy and performance round after round. The Tikka T3x 308 Winchester TAC is one of the ultimate multipurpose rifles that will perform in any given situation. Boasting the match grade free-floating barrel which is also used on the very popular T3x Sporter, the Tikka T3x TAC will be a precision rifle in all circumstances. The barrel and action is finished with a phosphate coating ensuring lasting protection against harsh external conditions.
TIKKA T3X 6.5 CREEDMOOR 24 INCH CTR (COMPACT TACTI, The new Tikka T3x 6.5 Creedmoor 24 Inch CTR (Compact Tactical Rifle) will offer the same consistent accuracy on the range or out hunting the Karoo plains or Bushveld of South Africa. The free-floating 24 inch semi varmint barrel of the Tikka T3x CTR effectively eliminates vibration. The result is consistant accuracy and performance round after round. The Tikka T3x Compact Tactical Rifle is a multipurpose rifle. The CTR features a 10-round steel magazine and comes standard with a vertical angled grip for prone shooting positions. The ZERO MOA picatinny rail fitted to the receiver add scope mounting versatility to the CTR.

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