Gun Motivations, South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria

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Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa
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South Africa
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1.    Describing the need:
What is the weapon required for? What type of game will be hunted and in which terrain? Will the weapon also be used to participate in shooting competitions?

2.    A description of how the concerned weapon will satisfy this need:
List the technical attributes of the weapon – action, calibre, length of barrel – and explain the suitability thereof. Mention the type of ammunition that will be used i.e. bullet weights, velocity – and how that would be useful with the type of game and the typical hunting conditions and distances.

3.    Explanation of the unsuitability of current weapons:
Indicate where the weapon concerned will fit into your battery. Explain why your existing weapons cannot fulfill the need – especially in terms of ballistic requirements.  Mention the required weapon’s specific or special requirements and the use thereof.

4.    Hunting and Shooting CV.
Make mention of when you started to shoot and hunt. Outline your experience.  Mention successes, species, trophies hunted and hunting locations.  Indicate membership of associations and participation.  List qualifications obtained, e.g. official measurer, training courses and managerial positions held. Details of where you’ve been hunting in the past (and if possible, where you plan on hunting in future).

5.    Support from a Hunting Association:
Attach a letter confirming membership and association participation as well as qualifications and positions held.  It should furthermore, also support technically the suitability of the weapon for the use it would be needed for, as mentioned in point 2 above.

6.    Supporting documentation:
Attach supporting documentation in aid of the claims in point 4 above.  Hunting photos, trophy certificates, hunting licenses, removal permits, training certificates, testimonials from game farmers and hunting partners and the key to your application – a copy of your membership card of your hunting association.
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