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Ruger Mini-14, R 9,500.00
  • Ruger Mini-14, R 9,500.00
  • Buy a legend. The Ruger Mini-14 is a semi-auto rifle that is light weight, compact and easy to handle. The plus point is that it does not look like a combat rifle, and therefore attracts less attention. It fires very reliable, due to its design. It is chambered to shoot either 5.56mm NATO or .223 Rem Mag ammo. It comes with a 30 round magazine. I bought it about 2 months ago, but have gotten hold of a FN FAL recently.
  • R 9,500.00
  • The new DPMS LBR Carbine was designed for the shooter who requires a compact, lightweight carbine while not sacrificing performance.
    The light profile, stainless steel barrel and vented free float tube keep the rifle’s weight under 7 lbs. while maintaining the ease of cleaning and accuracy of some of our premier target and varmint rifles.
    The A3 flat-top receiver and single rail gas block make the rifle ready for optics or detachable iron sights at the user’s preference.
    • 5.56 stainless steel 16″ lightweight barrel
    • Vented free float tube
    • A3 flat-top receiver and single rail gas block for optics or iron sights
  • R 24,500.00
Hog Silencers, HOG DIFUSOR knaldempers is nou beskikbaar teen 'n besonderse prys. HOG dempers word vervaardig uit hoe graad aluminium en vlekvrye staal.
Die vlekvrye staal is vir die loop-hegstukke en ‘difusor cores’ en is noodsaaklik om n lang lewensduur te verseker en om die skroefdraad waar die demper op die loop vasskroef te beskerm teen blootgestelling aan roes as gevolg van waterdamp.
Die modulere ontwerp maak dit moontlik om die lengte van die demper te verstel soos wat omstandigdhede vereis. Met gas uitlate wat die druk egalig versprei en sodoende die gas op n beheerde manier voor en agter laat ontsnap,  gee dit aan jou n demper met n baie lae gewig in verhouding met volume en knal vermindering van 30dB – 35dB.
Hog dempers is beskikbaar vir wapens van .22 tot .458 kaliber in verskillende modelle en variasies daarvan. Doen gerus navraag vir jou kaliber.
Bekyk gerus hierdie knaldempers by: silencers.html
en om u bestelling te plaas.
Claw Bullets, Claw Core Bonded Bullets for sale.
When you only have one chance to bring the bacon home.
Please visit to view our product & prices and place your order.
We deliver country wide.
!!!New!!! Range Bullets in all calibers and weights available. Please have a look at the prices on the Claw web page!
POF MP5, We give you the MP5 nou Availibe at Humansdorp Co-op.  We can supply other gunshops with whole sale prices.  
This iconic weapon is to this day ranked as the number one compact sub machine guns on multiple top 10 lists, and probaly one of the best guns ever made.
This model is the P3, it has a retracted butt stock, one Round Magazine and does 800 Rounds Per Minute and so much more!
Please contact us direct for any other info and quotes
Eduan or Cheryl @
042 291 0431
  • ISSC MK22 .22LR SEMI AUTO RIFLE, R 8,995.00
    ISSC MK22
    • Folding stock
    • Adjustable stock – 3 positions
    • Adjustable stock shoulder
    • Possibility to mount a sling buckle in the stock
    • Equipped with open sights (retractable / adjustable)
    • Rail system for all kinds of accessories
    • UCAS system with 6 possible positions for the cocking lever
    • Modern design
    • Inexpensive .22lr calibre ammo
    • 22 round magazine
    • High precision barrel
  • R 8,995.00
Voere / AAI American 180 FOR SALE, Voere / American Arms International Corp American 180, .22 LR semi-automatic rifle for sale from dealer.

For more information and to make an enquiy on this firearm, please click on this link:

The Gun Trove
AR 15 for sale, R 50,000.00
  • AR 15 for sale, R 50,000.00
  • Rifle is in immaculate condition, aprox 150 rounds fired, inludes 5 brand new 30 round magazines, Spark AR red dot scope, Ultimac X6 scope, Xpanda 5 rifle safe, 2 x slings including books for licensing and rifle case, price negotiable
  • R 50,000.00
POF MP5 A2 For Sale - Excellent Condition, R 27,000.00
  • POF MP5 A2 For Sale - Excellent Condition, R 27,000.00
  • A POF MP5 A2 (Fixed Butt Stock ) for sale , 2nd hand , excellent condition. comes with 1x 30rnd POF OEM Magazine. 

    Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) is a manufacturer of the MP5 under license by H&K Germany. It is manufactured on HK tooling and machinery according to german specs with a few subtle nuances , for all intents and purposes this is an original HK weapon. 

    Simply the greatest 9mm SMG ever made , others have tried to immitate but cant come close. The genius is in the operating system , the legendary roller-delayed blow back operating system. In essence the projectile has left the barrel before the shooter experiences the recoil , the result is something i cant express on paper , you have to shoot one to appreciate its dynamics. For me it was love at first shot.

    A very rare and special weapon , a unicorn if you will,  Dealer stocked , this is one of two MP5s won at a classic arms auction. The Rolls-Royce of SMGs is sold without warranty and comes as is for R27k and unfortunately not negotiable . I really dont mind keeping this weapon forever. 
  • R 27,000.00
Rifle, R 30,000.00
  • Rifle, R 30,000.00
  • An authentic Israeli FAL rifle just like it was issued during the 6 Day War. These are the very rare standard or light barreled version. Only extremely low quantities of complete rifles in semi auto were ever imported prior to the 1989 import ban.
  • R 30,000.00
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