Semi Auto Rifles

Norinco T56 7.62 x 39, R 8,700.00
  • Norinco T56 7.62 x 39, R 8,700.00
  • Rifle has fixed stock and folding bayonet.  Comes with standard accessories: two steel magazines; webbing sling and butt-stock cleaning kit. I am a collector and purchased the rifle because of its similarity to the AKM.  I have fired approximately 50 rounds through it.
    I live in George and can be contacted on 083 six double seven five zero 66.
  • R 8,700.00
Kriek Bullets, Kriek Premium Monolithic Bullets for Sale.
Your companion from the far-away plains to the dense bush with the Big Five.
Extremely Accurate - Extremely High Performance!
Please visit to view our products and place an order. You will also find a downloadable Bullet File for QL there.
Turnaround time +-30 days, Delivery Countrywide by TCG at +-R99.
Hog Silencers, HOG DIFUSOR knaldempers is nou beskikbaar teen 'n besonderse prys. HOG dempers word vervaardig uit hoe graad aluminium en vlekvrye staal.
Die vlekvrye staal is vir die loop-hegstukke en ‘difusor cores’ en is noodsaaklik om n lang lewensduur te verseker en om die skroefdraad waar die demper op die loop vasskroef te beskerm teen blootgestelling aan roes as gevolg van waterdamp.
Die modulere ontwerp maak dit moontlik om die lengte van die demper te verstel soos wat omstandigdhede vereis. Met gas uitlate wat die druk egalig versprei en sodoende die gas op n beheerde manier voor en agter laat ontsnap,  gee dit aan jou n demper met n baie lae gewig in verhouding met volume en knal vermindering van 30dB – 35dB.
Hog dempers is beskikbaar vir wapens van .22 tot .458 kaliber in verskillende modelle en variasies daarvan. Doen gerus navraag vir jou kaliber.
Bekyk gerus hierdie knaldempers by: silencers.html
en om u bestelling te plaas.
Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport, R 17,500.00
  • Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport, R 17,500.00
  • Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport, Nikkon scope 4x16x50 and Tactical red/green dot scope.Tacktical sling. 3x30 rouns mags and 120 Rounds, Custome carry bag.
    +-200 Rounds fired. Price is negotiable.
  • R 17,500.00
Russian AK 47 bayonet, R 900.00
  • Russian AK 47 bayonet, R 900.00
  • AK 47 Russian bayonet in unused condition,markings on all parts is an arrow within a triangle for sale at R900
    Courier cost for buyer
    Contact Francois at 0849099317
  • R 900.00
Tikka t3 300wsm , R 15,000.00
LM full length rail kit and stock for sale, R 1,000.00
  • LM full length rail kit and stock for sale, R 1,000.00
  • Full length picatinny rail kit for LM/Galil rifle for sale. From a marksman kit that allows fitment of optics on the rear dustcover and retains zero when you remove and replace it. Also have two adjustable stocks for the LM for sale. Stocks are those from the AR15. Rail needs to be fitted by a gunsmith or installer, but the stock can be swopped out easily. R1000 each.
  • R 1,000.00
Ruger Mini-14, R 9,500.00
  • Ruger Mini-14, R 9,500.00
  • Buy a legend. The Ruger Mini-14 is a semi-auto rifle that is light weight, compact and easy to handle. The plus point is that it does not look like a combat rifle, and therefore attracts less attention. It fires very reliable, due to its design. It is chambered to shoot either 5.56mm NATO or .223 Rem Mag ammo. It comes with a 30 round magazine. I bought it about 2 months ago, but have gotten hold of a FN FAL recently.
  • R 9,500.00
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