Semi Auto Rifles

Aimpoint PRO, Aimpoint PRO red dot optic with aimpoint mount for picatinny rail.
Includes 3 batteries.
Lee Press, good condition single stage press
surplus to my needs
Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4 Scope, Leupold low powered variable scope for AR platform rifles.
Firedot illuminated reticle.
Calibrated ballistic turret.
Includes Leupold 1
CR21 VECTOR Conversion Kit., R 4,000.00
DPMS REPR 308/7,62 NATO, R 42,000.00
  • DPMS REPR 308/7,62 NATO, R 42,000.00
  • New, never been fired
    Standard magazine and bipod. No Scope.
    Never been licensed, in dealer stock.
    In Stellenbosch at dealer, viewing per arrangement.
  • R 42,000.00
NEA 14.5 , R 25,000.00
  • NEA 14.5 , R 25,000.00
  • fuly setup nea with 5mags p mags 
    magpul pistol grip 
    magpul stock 
    magpul forend grip 
    magpul sights 
    trijicon acog 
    ac forend rail 
  • R 25,000.00
FN fal paratrooper , R 35,000.00
  • FN fal paratrooper , R 35,000.00
  • fn fal para 
    16.25 inch  barrel
    in almost brand new condition comes with 8 mags
    and many spares the weapon is pristine can send more pictures if interested 
  • R 35,000.00
KPOS , The 'KPOS' Pistol to Personal Defense Weapon Converter is the most compact and durable PDW converter available which incorporates a Five-point ergonomic weapon grip, a One-point tactical sling adapter, and a fold-to-the side compact Buttstock with rubber buttpad. Our inovative patented design which securely locks the gun to the chassis in both the front and back, makes it a rock-solid system crowning it the 'King' of Personal Defense Weapon conversions incorporating FAB'S Lifetime Warranty.
S&W M&P15 .300, R 20,000.00
  • S&W M&P15 .300, R 20,000.00
  • Smith & Wesson AR in .300, with some hydrodip design on the stock, magazines and some forend parts.
    Comes with supressor and 2 x 60 round magazines.
  • R 20,000.00
Vektor CR21, R 25,000.00
  • Vektor CR21, R 25,000.00
  • With only 200 of these rifles ever produced, and parts for another 200, the CR21 (Combat Rifle of the 21st century), can be considered extremely scarce. 

    This specific rifle was furthermore, one of the first 40 rifles ever produced and it was photographed to appear in the publication "Firearms: Developed & Manufactured In South Africa 1949-2000".

    The rifle is in immaculate condition and optics is crystal clear (see photo). Price is R25 000. Truly a collector's piece! Please WhatsApp me on 0822163710

    I am willing to accept payment over a period of 6 monthly installments. After 75% of the firearm has been paid for, the SAP271 will be released and you can start the process to apply for the firearm. Firearm will only be handed over if it is paid up in full.
  • R 25,000.00
LEE PRO 1000 .223 FULL SETUP, Hi Selling my Lee Pro 1000 223 setup, in full working order with all dies required, spare primer feeders, eva cushion handle, case feeder and very accurate twin disk powder measure. Also throwing in over 400 once fired boxer primed cases. Asking R3500, please whatsapp 081 3733 842
Just Arrived, R 14,500.00
  • Just Arrived, R 14,500.00
  • Israeli manufactured .223 (5.56mm) Semi-automatic rifle with a 13″ barrel. The weapon comes with a 30-round steel magazine.
  • R 14,500.00
LM 4 or 5 Dust Cover with Rail, LM 4 or 5 dust cover with rail
FN PARA FAL, R 29,000.00
  • FN PARA FAL, R 29,000.00
  • R29 000neg. Extremely scarce FN PARA FAL. The rifle has Portuguese crest on magazine well, and was thus in use during the Portuguese occupation of Mozambique. When they withdrew, the rifle fell in the hands of South African Armed Forces. The rifle is thus highly collectable. Semi-auto only. 

    Considering the history of the rifle, it is still in excellent condition. Except for a couple of nicks on the folding butt, it is still scratch free. It comes with 6 mags. Ideal for a collector or sport shooter.

    Please WhatsApp me, as I am mostly not able to answer phone calls.
    082 216 37 10
  • R 29,000.00
Fabarm, R 6,000.00
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