Webley valuemax 5mm, Webley valuemax in excellent condition
Hatsan at44 5mm, Hatsan at 44 for sale, fitted with weihrauch 5mm barrel. No scope, sights or fill probe
.308/7.62 Dpms Ar 10, Excellent condition like new
Comes with silencer.
Mountain Man handcrafted knife, This knife was handcrafted from a farmers file into a beautiful 17,5 cm blade. The handle is made from leather and a kudu thigh bone. 
Target Pistol, This is a French “Vitesse Olympique” (Olympic speed) target pistol.  Complete with the original fitted box, two magazines.  Original right hand grips are fitted and a set of original left hand grips are included. No excuses, this is also perfect for you, left-handed person!
It comes with custom made tools for dismantling.  Here is an Olympic grade target pistol conceived in the early nineteen eighties for rapid fire events.
It functions immaculately. It can be described as a “shooting machine” with an excellent reputation of flawless functioning and top accuracy.
Please make a reasonable offer starting at R3,800?
Lynx scope rings, Three sets of 25mm Lynx scope rings, Low, Medium & High. R200 per set.
Lynx Bases for K98, Lynx stud bases for Mauser 98 actions, two set available. - R260 per set.
Recknagel Mounts & Rings, A set of 25mm Recknagel rings and bases to fit K98 action, for the discerning rifleman - R3100. 
Huntsman, A dream turned into reality. This custom job, one of the master pieces created by Jacques Arzul  in the nineteen – seventies. This Colt Huntsman, when brand new was fitted / transformed with the following features:
Quick detachable Bushnell High relief scope is mounted on custom adaptors / EAW bases and rings. It can be fitted with its very efficient sound moderator or false muzzle cap.
It has an extra switchable slide lock to prevent the slide from opening.
This acts as an extra safety lock. It's main function is to further suppress noise and to keep the fired spent cartridge in the chamber which can then be extracted manually.  In the “off” position it allows the slide operate normally as would be expected from a semi-auto.
Optional adjustable skeleton shoulder stock.
Tested with the collector / sponsor once and then put aside for thirty years.  All it needs now is a new home and a fitted case.
If Frederick Forsyth had seen this pistol, his rendition of “The day of the Jackal” would have been written with better ballistic details..
Custom Inline Press, Custom Made Inline reloading press - R950. Centurion.
Hornady 8x60 Die Set, Hornady Custom Grade 8x60 rifle die set, as new - R480. Centurion
NEW STOCK , Hold Peak Digital Anemometer (Windmeter)
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