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Beretta 92A1, Hi all I have decided to part ways with my beretta 92A1 this pistol is brand new and has not shot a single round hence the sale.
I bought the pistol with two magazines and got one magazine from a friend that i will give to the buyer as part of the package
FX Crown mk 2, I have this beautiful rifle up for sale. The FX Crown is renowned for its reliability and accuracy. I get sub quarter inch groups at 40 m. I also get over 60ft/lbs energy from the rifle making it a hunters dream.
it is as new ( only 8 months old ). It comes with the following;

1 x .22 superior heavy slug or pellet barrel 
1 x .22 pellet probe
1 x .22 slug probe
1 x .22 magazine 
1 x Hawke Vantage 4 - 12 x 40 scope incl rings
1 x Atlas adjustable bipod
1 x bipod bottle clamp
1 x hard plastic gun case

1 x .30 cal superior heavy liner barrel kit ( costs R10,000 on its own )
1 x .30 pellet probe
4 x .30 FX magazines 
3  x .30 tins pellets 

The deal is as follows : take everything for the above advertised price or leave the .30 cal kit and pay R25,000 for the rifle in .22 cal alone. 
The Crown new with no extras costs over R35,000

to view or for more info contact Paul on 0824677377 or WhatsApp me.
Reloading table and gear., Custom reloading table with heaps of accesories. Lee loadmaster 9mm. Redding single stage press. Laymann ultrasonic cleaner. Dies for .223  , .357 Mag. 9mm.  +- 2000 140gr 9mm points and small pistol primers. Heaps of brass for 9mm and .357. Zebra body armour level 3A.. 2 x tins of S121 propelant. Various accesories. mag holsters  etc. Imigration sale. Worth in excess of R30 000 new and collectivly. 
CZ P07 Gen 2, My P07 needs new owner. Pistol minimimaly used.
I am scaling down a bit.
Comes in case with all
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