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Krico .22LR, Krico .22 RL

German Craftsmanship Krico rifles are celebrated for their German engineering, known for meticulous attention to detail and impeccable standards of manufacturing.

1 x Mag - magazine capacity 6

1 x Bushnell 4x32 scope

1 x silencer

1 x CZ sling ( NEW )

1 x camouflage rifle bag
Trijicon Mini ACOG 1.5×16 Riflescope , Trijicon produces battle-proven aiming systems that deliver rapid target acquisition and increased hit potential under any lighting conditions. 

Although ACOGs have many features which are very advantageous for military use, they're equally well adapted for sporting and tactical applications. 

The 1.5x16 Mini ACOG Riflescope offers a very wide field of view which in turn results in excellent fire-control capability. This makes targets, moving or otherwise, easier to acquire, lock on to, and hit successfully with the first shot. Follow-up shots are also executed with greater speed and accuracy. 

This ACOG is configured with a dual illuminated Red Circle Dot reticle and a Special Ring Short Housing.
Anschutz 2013 REDUCED REDUCED REDUCED, Have this great rifle up for sale, 150 shots through her, pristine condition with barrel extension and lots of accesories. The barrel was hand sellected for the first owner who never shot it. She is inherently accurate and the action is glass smooth. Can be used with scope or diopter sights. Serious enquiries only, happy to send pics of all extras and original factory target. This rifle will cost well over R120000 to get in minus all the accesories. The rifle has not been licenced and is in dealer stock. Viewing can be arranged.
Infrared Night Vision Scope Clip-On, For Sale: R7000

Oneleaf Commander NV100 Infrared Scope Clip On. 

Still in excellent condition. 

RFS: My Scope's turrets are too big and in the way of the IR torch. 

What's included:
-Oneleaf Commander NV100
-3x Rechargable 18650 Batteries
-Charging Station for batteries
-2x Eye relief attachments, 1x long, 1x short. 
-3x Scope adaptors, 42, 45, 48.
-Original box.
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