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Sig Sauer MPX Copperhead 9MMP, SIG SAUER MPX Copperhead 

The Copperhead is to the MPX what the Rattler ???? is to the MCX.

The Copperhead is an ultra-compact variant of the MPX. It’s the smallest MPX variant to date, and likely the smallest in the braced pistol PCC out there!

- Chambered in 9mmP 
- Monolithic Upper Reciever 
- 3.5 inch Barrel with An Affixed Flash Hider
- Ambidextrous Controls
- Runs on a short stroke gas system
- Includes a 20 round magazine
Weihrauch HW97, This beautiful HW97 currently holds the club reccord 247 with 17X. It is simply magnificent. It's also optionally available with a new Hawke Airmax 6-24x50 scope for R13 000. The combination is spectacular.

I unfortunally bought a new PCP (Which I shouldn't have) and now reluctantly have to sell it.
SIG Sauer Virtus PCP, The SIG Sauer Virtus is a destructive monster! Shooting 5.5mm 14gr JSB pellets at 700FPS. It fires 120 rounds with the 200bar cylinder and comes with three 30-round mags.

Love this monstrosity but bought a new PCP (which I didn't need) and now have to reluctantly sell it.  
Antique phillips and son safe , Large Antique phillips and son safe birmingham. From laat 1800s to early 1900s. With 2 kys Fire fall and thief restaurant safe manufacturers birmingham. Call or Whats app on 0634189817 Chris
Make me an offer also willng to trade
CZ Cap
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