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Africa's Bowhunter Collection - 66 Issues , Africa's Bowhunter collection - 66 issues 
From Vol 1 July 2000 - Hunting the Warthog 
Till Vol 9 Issue 6 Jun 2008 - Bowhunting the Blue Wildebeest 
R400 for the collection 
Won't split up or sell single issues  ....
Don't let this gem slip through your fingers  ....
Bargain  , contact Schalk 
Pretoria Moot Mayville

EYE of the FIRESTORM by Gen. Roland De Vries, Stength lies in MOBILITY by Maj. Gen. (retired) Roland De Vries.The story of his career,the Border War,the RATEL Infantry Combat Vehicle and 61 MECH,the renowned regiment. Heavy book,911 pages in total.AS NEW condition.R 400.
The Vickers Guide to the 1911 , Only the select few 1911 aficionados will truly understand why the Vickers Guide to the 1911 is as much a literary masterpiece as the iconic firearm it details.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to add this fine piece to your collection!

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