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Gun books and magazines, 218 Gunworld, Rifleman and Digests for sale. Please see list of available years and months.
The digests at R75 each and mags at R10 each ( magazines selling complete year and unfortunately not individually).
Open to offers for someone taking the lot.
Books for sale, Firearm books for sale in good condition
Secrets of Home Gunsmithing-R75.00
Ammunition Making-R75.00
Firearms Assembly-R50.00
Exploded Handgun Drawings-R100.00
Courier cost for buyer
Contact Francois at 0849099317
Mauser 7x57 in box frame., Mauser 7x57 in box frame., 7x different 7x57 Mauser cartridges (with different bullets) in a lovely box frame. &x57 Mauser as used by the Boers and also by Karamojo Bell who bagged many Elephants with this cal, prefering it over much heavier ones. This is a classic Mancave adition to your Mancave. Trevor
R 650.00
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