Fixed Blade

2x72' Grinder, A 2x72' or 50x2000mm belt grinder suitable to the beginner knive maker or home workshop. Grinds any material you can sand with sanding paper. Powerfull 1.1kw 220V single phase, 2 pole motor that gives you speed and torque for any grit belt.
Rare Exclusive Collectors Puma Knive, This antique Puma Solinger knife is almost 100 years old and still in immaculate condition. The knife was made in Germany in the early 1940 ish. Ivory hilt/handle with the Puma head on the end. With the original leather pouch. This is a collector's item of antique knives. The knive belonged to my grandfather who collected exclusive knives. The knife was barely used and part of his collection.
Damascus steel various new in box some folders, I have 22 damascus steel knives all new in box with leather sheath with various types of handles,camel bone, rosewood,hardwood,micarta. All priced the same...really beautiful patterns. Email for more pics.
Knives, MDK SANDVIK 14C28N Gentleman's Bird and Trout Knif, MDK Custom Knives, 14C28N Gentleman's Bird and Trout Knife, Brand New, South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria
Hand Made Traditional Finnish Puukko, A beautiful example of a traditional Finnish Puukko, a knife that is used for almost anything in the Scandinavian regions, from gutting and skinning Deer and Elk to carving wooden spoons and bowls.

Hand forged from 5160 carbon steel with a traditional scandi grind( 0 deg bevel ) and a forged finish, this knife can be used to shave with in the mornings. The handle is made out of stacked leather and held together with a stainless steel bolster and pommel.

The red and black sheath is a traditional leather sheath with a wood core both to protect the blade and to keep the sheath's form. The knife is held securely so it can't fall out yet can be easily drawn when needed. It comes with a traditional 'swinger' that attaches to your belt without having to take your belt off via a press stud. 

Made by MDK Custom Knives right here in South Africa, you to can enjoy a once off Puukko that is as unique and individual as yourself. Impress your friend on the next hunting or camping trip with this one of a kind knife.
Wanted: Knives made by South African makers, Wanted: Knives made by South African makers, Wanted: Knives made by South African makers, I am a collector and looking for knives made by Rob Brown, Peter Bauchop, Angus Arbuckle, Harry Bosman, Piet Grey, Clive Osborne, Francois Boonzaaier, Hennie Prinsloo, Andrew Frankland, John Robertson, Chris Reeve, Andre v Heerden or others from the original SA Knifemakers Guild.  I can also buy complete collections and will pay a big premium for examples in mint condition.  Some of these knives can be very valuable and unfortunately some owners are often taken advantage off by unscrupulous buyers.  Before you sell to anybody give me a call and compare my offer or at least let me give you a good idea of what your knife is worth so you can make an informed decision
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