Fixed Blade

Behring Made Bird & Trout Knife, James Behring Jnr, classic Trout & Bird hand forged from 1/8 inch thick high carbon 01 tool steel and it measures 4 1/2 inches from tip to guard with a razor sharp convex grind.  The nickel silver guard is soldered to the tang above green micarta, black fiber,copper,aluminum and premium horsehide spacers as well as a sambar stag butt thats pinned through the tang with aluminum.  The overall length is 9 3/8 inches and it comes in a Warlander leather pouch. Also a Behring Made zipper case. Interested buyers can contact me for photos.
Hand Forged and Polished Full Tang Katana, Hand Forged and Polished Full Tang Clay Tempered Samurai Sword made with L6 Steel. (Knives of Seki)
Authentic Hamon
Quenched to give the curve.
Ray Skin (Samegawa) Handle
Bamboo Retaining pins (Mekugi)
Emigrating. The Sword is flawless. Still have the original packaging that might help with postage if needed. 
Wicked Edge Sharpeners now available in South Afri, Now available in South Africa!!

A good knife sharpening system is essential to maintain the peak performance of your trusted knife. It's the key to preserving its precision and ensuring effortless cutting. Regular sharpening with a reliable system not only prolongs the knife's lifespan but also enhances its safety by reducing the risk of slips. A sharp knife, coupled with the right sharpening system, is a reliable companion in the kitchen or any cutting task, making it a crucial investment in both efficiency and safety.
GERBER Mark 2 Dagger knife!, Original Vintage Gerber from the legendary Mark 2 fighting series! Iconic knife, a true gem for any serious collection! Full tang 420HC double edge, combination S/S blade, 5
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