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NAA .22 LR Mini Revolver FOR SALE, North American Arms .22 LR Mini Revolver for sale from dealer.

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for sale, Selling on behalf of client:
Revolver Smith&Wesson Model 48-2, K22-Masterpiece, .22 Magnum (WMR) & .22 LR
The Model 48 Classic is a K-Frame, Smith & Wesson® Double-Action Revolver chambered in .22 Magnum
(.22 WMR) and exchangeable .22 LR cylinder. The single-action trigger pull on the 48 is light and crisp for
precise shooting, and the double-action pull cycles the cylinder smoothly for rapid fire. The partridge front
sight is pinned to an integral sight ramp, and the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. The
carbon steel frame, cylinder, and barrel feature a deep luster blue finish. Checkered hardwood grips provide
a solid hold for precise shot placement. For decades, the Smith & Wesson Model 48 Double-Action
Revolver has been a coveted firearm by serious shooters who appreciate the added velocity and range of the
.22 WMR over the .22 LR.
The two exchangeable cylinders were produced in a very small quantity and rare to find in the market.
According to Serial No. 1K69XXX, the production year was 1971
• K-Frame revolver in 6 inch barrel length with .22 WMR cylinder & .22LR cylinder
• Original instructions manual
• 1 x original “cowboy style” gun holster, handcrafted by the legendary George Lawrence Co.,
Portland, Oregon, USA.
• 1 x sporting holster made by Sickinger, Austria.
• Ammunition holder (30 shot .22 Mag.)
• Various ammunition
.454 Casull bullets, Hi, I have the following bullets for sale:
- 300Gr     Lead     R&R Bullets     *250
- 300Gr     CMJ     Frontier             *100
- 300Gr     FMJ     Hornady XTP     *50
- 250Gr     JHP     Hornady XTP     *100
.22Magnum, NAA .22 Magnum rimfire five shot revolver. Extras include ​​​​​​origional leather carry case with lock, DeSantis ankle holster, Desantis pocket 
holster, rubber and origional wooden grips and leather clip on holster.
NORTH AMERICAN ARMS .22 MAGNUM, The firearm is in excellent condition and is perfect for concealed revolver. The firearm is stored with dealer in somerset West.
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