Rimfire Revolvers

for sale, This Smith & Wesson model 48-2 is in excellent condition and not abused or shot alot. Have some holster wear as it spent most its life in the holster in a safe. No rust. It has a normal .22 Long Rifle cylinder as-well as a .22 Win Mag Rimfire caliber cylinder. Holster with the firearm.
Rossi Model 70 FOR SALE, Rossi Model 70, 6-shot, .22 LR revolver for sale from dealer.

For more information and to make an enquiry on this firearm, please go to this link:

The Gun Trove
NAA .22 LR Mini Revolver FOR SALE, North American Arms .22 LR Mini Revolver for sale from dealer.

Please go to this link for more information and to make an enquiry: http://theguntrove.co.za/browse-firearms/naa-22-lr/

The Gun Trove
.454 Casull bullets, Hi, I have the following bullets for sale:
- 300Gr     Lead     R&R Bullets     *250
- 300Gr     CMJ     Frontier             *100
- 300Gr     FMJ     Hornady XTP     *50
- 250Gr     JHP     Hornady XTP     *100
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