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Infrared Night Vision Scope Clip-On, For Sale: R7000

Oneleaf Commander NV100 Infrared Scope Clip On. 

Still in excellent condition. 

RFS: My Scope's turrets are too big and in the way of the IR torch. 

What's included:
-Oneleaf Commander NV100
-3x Rechargable 18650 Batteries
-Charging Station for batteries
-2x Eye relief attachments, 1x long, 1x short. 
-3x Scope adaptors, 42, 45, 48.
-Original box.
Swarovski Habicht 8x30 SLC WB, back from service., This model is in a great condition, just got it back from a full service, I have not opened it since I got it back as you can see on the photos. Optically, mechanically, and cosmetically great. Pristine eyepieces and objectives.
Come with original bag, carrying strap and booklet. The weight is only 590 grams, and the field of view is a nice 136 meters at 1000 meters.
All in all, a beautiful pair of compact binoculars from a top brand. 

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