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Infrared Night Vision Scope Clip-On, For Sale: R7000

Oneleaf Commander NV100 Infrared Scope Clip On. 

Still in excellent condition. 

RFS: My Scope's turrets are too big and in the way of the IR torch. 

What's included:
-Oneleaf Commander NV100
-3x Rechargable 18650 Batteries
-Charging Station for batteries
-2x Eye relief attachments, 1x long, 1x short. 
-3x Scope adaptors, 42, 45, 48.
-Original box.
Excellent condition
Powerful and extremely accurate
Shoots H&N 21 gr slugs @ +/- 950 fps (on chrony)
Upgrades / Extras include:
- barrel band
- Titanium Gamma 3 - 12 X 44 SF scope (zeroed at 100m)
- A - TEC WAVE .22 cal 1/2'-20 UNF suppressor
- shoulder sling
- adjustable bipod
- padded rifle bag
- 1 x 14 round magazine
- Filling probe 
- Will include 300 bar scuba tank PLUS filling station in price.

Ideal for precision shooting or small game hunting. 
If you familiar with FX, there's nothing more to tell you. 
Those interested most welcome to come view the rifle.
Courier for buyers account.

Hatsan Factor QE as new in perfect condition., An exciting, powerful rifle for hunting and target shooting. Externally adjustable hammer spring and 3 power setting port adjustment. Use the hammer spring adjustment to fine tune your grouping with different types of pellets.
excellent scope, 2 magazines and bipod included. This rifle is reasonably quiet with its fully shrouded quiet energy barrel. The trigger is also adjustable to suit your preference.
WEIHRAUCH HW 100 WITH EXTRA'S, Weihrauch Sport HW100, 4,5mm / 0.177 Calibre. with a PW200 BAR PH300 BAR 0.83KG 0.175 Litre Screw In Cylinder with a Quick Fill and Gauge. 2 x 14 round magazines and 1 x single shot load. Custom made Hamster. Just replaced all seals on rifle 6 months ago, No Leaks. Rifle been on 185bar since the last shoot end Feb 2024. Bought rifle for 17k in 2022. Added the Quickfill in June 2023. Total Price all included - R12 000. PRICE NOT NEGOTIABLE
CZ200S PCP AIR GUN, CZ200S Rifle, very popular rifles for Ladies and Kids. Very silent and accurate. Custom made Pellet Guide copper block with a new fitted Quickfill and gauge. Also comes with a Bipod that can be easily removed / added. Doux Silencer. making the rifle extra soft and stable. Rifle overall do not have any marks. Rifle o-ring at the pellet bolt / guide just replaced. Rifle was leaking a bit of air BUT very very slowly, 25BAR over 3 days. Need a service. Total Price All included -
Kral puncher maxi 5.5 mm 280cc , Kral Puncher maxi 5.5mm 
synthetic stock 
280 cc 
Rifle had been well looked after and has just had a full major service and valve and orings replacement. 
This riffle is extremely accurate and a pleasure to shoot.
includes :
Upgraded barrel 
Discovery VT-R scope with light up cross hairs.
Douxsilencers silencer 
Filler hose
2 x 12 round magazines 
1 X single round magazine
Spare silencer 
Original muzzle break
Original lever
soft carry case
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