Hand Forged and Polished Full Tang Katana, Hand Forged and Polished Full Tang Clay Tempered Samurai Sword made with L6 Steel. (Knives of Seki)
Authentic Hamon
Quenched to give the curve.
Ray Skin (Samegawa) Handle
Bamboo Retaining pins (Mekugi)
Emigrating. The Sword is flawless. Still have the original packaging that might help with postage if needed. 
.50Cal Bullet Bottle Opener, The Perfect Man Gift:

.50 Caliber BMG fired cartridge with ORIGINAL 715gr bullet re-fitted, converted into this awesome bottle opener!!!

*Optional Wooden gift box R50
*Optional Courier R180

Safe & Legal

084 656 3841 Henk
Visit: https://www.thegiftarmoury.co.za/

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