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Weihrauch HW50s for sale, Weihrauch HW50s for sale, Weihrauch 50s with tyrolean stock for excellent eye alignment
and delrin bearings for perfectly smooth cockingand totally rattle free.  This rifle also has a
brand new mainspring and piston seal.
Fx wildcat mk2 5.5 , Fx wildcat mk2 5.5, deal includes - gun(30fpe fac) , Doux silencer threaded for wildcat but fits fx impact aswell(makes the gun extremely quiet) , fx hardcase, 4xmags,fill probe, picatiny rail for bipod installed and has a swivel stud and Atlas style bipod 
PCP Airgun: Brocock Compatto MK2, Excellent condition and includes:
- Hugget Moderator
- bag
- airtank 
- about 1000 pellets 
​​​​​​- Discovery scope - 6-24x50
- Cleaning Kit

extremely accurate. 
Kral puncher maxi 5,5 (.22), Hi guys

Selling my kral puncher maxi S 5,5 
280cc cylinder 
2x 12 round magazines 
1040fps (18,13grain jsb)
Niko sterling panamax 6-18-50AO ir.  Amazing scope
Rifle tuned at
RAT silencer 
Rifle is super accurate 
Rifle and scope 2 months old.
All products under warranty. 

Frieght on buyer 

Reason for selling, wanting to upgrade to big bore

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