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Gamo CFR Whisper IGT for sale 4.5mm, Hi Everyone,

I am selling my airgun due to buying a .22 rifle and not using it anymore. I have shot about a tin of pellets through it, it has no rust and really looks brand new except for the front sight fibre optic which has fallen out. I used a scope on the rifle so it didnt bother me at all. This airgun has a fixed barrel and and adjustable trigger.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to come and view the airgun. I am based in Paarl.
FX Impact M3 (Power Block) Bronze PCP Air rifle, FX Impact M3 (Power Block) Bronze Sniper PCP Air rifle in .22 (5.5mm). Features a sidelever, FX’s smooth twist X shrouded barrel system, regulator, various power adjusters, picatinny rails, etc. Upgraded 700mm superior heavy slug liner with carbon fibre sleeve, Huma regulator, Huma high flow pin probe, Huma dual transfer port, power kit with tungsten hammer, Sabre tactical TRS barrel stiffener system with additional clamps, Sabre tactical Arca 2 bottom rail, Sabre tactical cheek riser, front reg delete, Sabre tactical adjustable buttpad and Hogues grip. Includes 2x magazines with 2x slug inserts, Weihrauch XL silencer, quick fill and FX hardcase. Scope and mounts excluded. In excellent condition. The cost of this package was R80k, asking only R58000.
FX Crown .22 Blue Laminate + Gecado Mod 50E, Father and Son combo!
FX Crown .22, blue laminated stock, 3 magazines, bipod and rail, a whack of pellets, bell and some other targets, FX Chrony (R5k on its own), assorted service spares, dive tank and filling adapter. Included for your son is a Gecado Mod 50E in .22 guise :) Scope Excluded. R35k. 

Whatsapp for more pics.
Kalibrgun Cricket std Bullpup PCP Air rifle, Kalibrgun Cricket std Bullpup PCP Air rifle in .22 (5.5mm) with a black synthetic stock. Made in the Czech Republic and uses world renowned CZ Barrel that is shrouded and acts as a silencer. 300bar capable, factory regulator, comes with 3x magazines, and filling adapter and bipod. Upgraded with larger plenum and integrated silencer. This gun is a legend and amazingly accurate out to some insane distances. In excellent condition. R18000.
Daystate Delta wolf HP PCP Air rifle, Daystate Delta wolf HP PCP Air rifle in .22 (5.5mm). Made in England. At its electronic heart, the Delta Wolf incorporates touchscreen controlled Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) which enables the selection of pre-set calibre-specific power levels. An integral chronograph is linked to the onboard electronic heart and can correct any variation should it arise. Huma-Air regulator, upgraded 700cc carbon bottle. High-capacity self-Indexing magazine system is cycled with a smooth side-lever cocking action, the lever for which can be swapped by the shooter to the left in a minute. Adjust from pellet speed, hammer strength, valve opening duration and regulator pressure, or choose from pre-loaded sets. Built in chrono graph reads every shot and automatically adjusts accordingly. Includes silencer, charging cable, magazine, quickfill and daystate hardcase. The ultimate PCP Air rifle. Excellent condition. R42000
CZ200 Target PCP Air rifle, CZ200 Target PCP Air rifle in .177 (4.5mm) for sale in 7.5joule with target stock. Made in the Czech Republic. Features CZ cold forget barrel, adjustable trigger, adjustable cheek piece and adjustable buttpad. Includes the diopter sites and filling adapter. In new condition. R12000.
Daystate Wolverine PCP Air rifle, Daystate Wolverine PCP Air rifle in .20 (5.0mm) in a beautiful oiled Turkish walnut thumbhole stock by Minelli. Made in England. The Daystate Wolverine ticks all the right boxes and is a highly versatile rifle with the power and accuracy to handle anything you want it to do. It features a match grade Lothar Walther barrel for superb accuracy with upgraded Hugget (UK) shroud and Hugget silencer. Includes 3x full tins H&N pellets, magazine, single shot loader and bag. In excellent condition. R18000.
Retay 135x High Tech spring piston air rifle, Retay 135x High Tech spring piston air rifle in .177 (4.5mm) with a black or carbon motive synthetic stock and soft touch height adjustable cheek. The 135x break-barrel is an engineering masterpiece originating from Turkey. This rifle was designed with not only elegance in mind but functionality as well, with the small attention to details in the base design adding a cherry on top of the cake. The 135x comes fitted with a 11mm Dovetail Rail to fit the scope of your choice. The modern design with the uncommon thumbhole stock and rubber pistol grip makes shooting the 135x an absolute pleasure, as the rifle can be comfortably fired with a thumb up or thumb around firing position. Also features an adjustable 2-stage trigger, automatic safety and fitted with Truglo Optic iron sights, which again expands your already vast shooting options. Comes in original box with manual. Brand new. R3400.
FX T12 Whisper PCP Air rifle, FX T12 Whisper PCP Air rifle in .22 (5.5mm) with a black synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock. Made in Sweden and Features an adjustable trigger, FX’s smooth twist fully shrouded barrel making it very quiet. Comes with magazine, fill probe, manual and original box. In new condition. R10000.
BSA scorpion cadet Sporter 3P PCP Air rifle, BSA scorpion cadet Sporter 3P PCP Air rifle in .177 (4.5mm) with Green synthetic stock. Made in England. The BSA Scorpion Cadet is a training and competition weapon designed expressly for the purposes of the Military Cadet Force. Features an Ambidextrous synthetic stock has an adjustable butt pad, 6.5ft-lbs power and BSA’s hammer forged barrel. The BSA Scorpion Cadet has a huge shot count on a single fill and is an excellent choice for practicing, teaching someone to shoot, or simply plinking in your backyard. In very good condition. R5000
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