Tippmann Tipx, gun is in excellent condition. Originally got it for self defense but now its just gathering dust. I am in port Alfred, will be willing to post via postnet at your (cost R150). Please no time wasters. Whatsapp me directly thanks. 0638372825
Custom BAM, Custom Bam 51 with 6l 300 Bar Drager, Weihrauch HW100 fill station with 300 bar pipe, fittings and guage (worth 2.5k, the guage 1.3k alone), MMI Rifle case, Gamo 3-9x40 AO scope and 25mm medium scope mounts,, silencer by Kevin (Airvolution), fully serviced by NY Customs (recrown, polish, deburring, new seals, tune up, Hatsan style fill setup, trigger tune)  and has also had a gauge fitted with a better filling solution by them, the breech has also had a good polish so no sticky issues when loading pellets (common issue with these rifles). The stock has been custom hydro dipped in a stunning blue camo, preventing moisture damage and an extra layer of protection to the stock. This rifle shoots 8.44gr JSB at 880fps (as much power as a S510 in 5 cal), with a string count of 60 to 70 shots bringing you down till about 85 bar, and is accurate out to 100m. The rifle is worth 6k alone.

This rifle is a Chinese made rifle that is a direct copy of the Daystate Huntsman (costing in the range of 45k), one of the best and most sold PCPs in the world. The Bam is said to be copied well enough that parts are interchangeable between rifles.

Drager cylinders are highly sought after, even more so for the 300 bar ones, as they are of chrome moly composition, giving them a nearly infinite lifespan, unlike those of aluminium or steel cyliders. This cylinder was never used to dive with, and thus never exposed to water.  The cylinder on it's own is worth about 7k.

Nothing needs to be done on this rifle, just pick up and start shooting. All the kit is there, tuned and fully serviced, cylinder to top up and air station.
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