Paintball Accesories

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  • R 500.00
Umarex HDX 68 cal 40 joule mint for sale, Almost new condition in original box. 
sold with 2x 88gr canasters
2x bags of s-type Rubber Steel balls
bag of devastation balls
large bag of practice balls
12gr adapter - for practice
about 40 rounds through it 
Optima Arms Earmuff Pouch, Locally manufactured from quality materials, these handy earmuff pouches will keep your ear protection safe, secure and easily accesable without the need to drape them around your neck. Available in the standard Optima branded format @R100 each or if you want something special you could have your or someone elses name printed on them, there are also a variety of colour options available. Please note that custom pouches are sold @R120+
depending on the materials requested and have a lead time of 3 working days.
WE GBBR Airsoft PDW rifle, WE GBBR PDW.

Comes with 5 Gas mags.  3 Still sealed.
Fitted with 6.01mm RA Tech Precision Barrel.
RA Tech Bolt with NPAS to adjust velocity.
Upgraded Hopup rubber.
Propane gas filling adapter.

Rifle is in mint condition.
Not played yet.
Paintball gun and equipment, Negotionable
Please let me know if you are interested
Looking to sell as soon as posible 
-Paintball gun in good working condition, recently serviced.
-Foldable stock + spare stock
-new barrel + stock barrel
-neck protector
-anti fog mask
-3× 100 round pods
-3× 50 round pods
- gun oil
- 1× 12 oz gas bottle
-1× 20 oz gas bottle
-200 paintball rouns
- 50 marble rounds
-1 gas extension coil for much easier use
-1 gas and 400 round holster
-1 vest( 7 pod holsters, 2 pockets, 1 gas holster) easy fit

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