EK ARCHERY CR-070BP 175LBS- Excellent condition, INFORMATION:
EK ARCHERY CR-070BP 175LBS- Excellent condition
1. STOCK: Reinforced composite Stock, Adjustable Stock.
2. AR GRIP: Forceful textured A2-style pistol grip
3. TRIGGER: Anti-dry fire safety.Trigger pull also below 3.5 lbs
4. EXTENDED BULLPUP TRIGGER: Compacting the crossbow’s design by shifting the grip forward to achieve a more ergonomic and also operational balance.
5. BARREL: Aluminum / composite barrel also with Picatinny rail
6. STRING STOPPER: Decelerates string and deadens vibration
7.CAM SETS:Die casting cams
8. RISER: Aluminum Die-casting
9. LIMBS: Durable compression
3 x 2219 -20″ ALUMINUM BOLTS
1 x 5 Piledriver -BOLT (1 needs new nock)
1x Softcase
Based in Strand . Welcome to view DM me please.
Courier to buyers account( won't send until money reflects)
BARNETT Predator Crossbow Package , BARNETT Predator Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3-22-Inch Arrows and 4x32mm Scope)

175-pound draw weight produces speeds up to 375-feet-per-second


Upgraded scope

Cocking mechanism

Quiver with 3 bolts

Broadhead case with broadheads 

Broadhead Target BUD

Practice Bolt BUD

Additional Blank Bolts

Plano manta hard case

Extra string

Used on 3 hunts

R11 000

Reason for selling don't use any more
PSE Fang Crossbow, Advertising on behalf of a friend. 

An American client used the bow to hunt giraffe, after successful hunt he handed the bow over to the PH's daughter. Basically new. Package includes carry case.

Price is slightly negotiable.

Please contact on 0784753384
PSE Sting Compound bow with accessories, PSE Sting Compound bow(right handed) with accessories:
1. Bag
2. Bow Sling bag
3. Action camera (fits to bow)
4. Trigger
5. Maintenance kit
6. Arrow head kit
7. Walkie-talkies
8. Arrow puller
9. Arm guard
10. Rangefinder
Rapid-Fire Tactical Crossbow , Tactical Alligator Crossbow fitted with the CrossTactics Rapid-Fire 7X Shot Autoloading Magazine System, it comes with enough ammo to fill up the mag 3 times over with some to spare!
Fire 7 crossbow bolts under 20 seconds! 
Compact, fast and easy to use!
Accurate and reliable!
Ammo is reusable! 
Here's a video shooting it left-handed at 15 metres, see my other videos on the channel:

Some specs
​​​​​​Picittiny / Weaver rail for attachments
Tactical foregrip  
Self Cocking 
Extendable shoulder stock 
225 FPS
Man Kung 150 LBS crossbow with 2 bolts and String, I have a Man Kung 150 LBS crossbow, 2 brand new bolts never used and Cocking String as added extra worth R250.
I bought this for my son and I to target shoot with, but is way to tough for him to load.
I loaded twice and shot and we packed it away and carried on using his Daisy.
This is a great crossbow, very powerful.
Barnett Quad AVI Crossbow, I brought this bow over from the States. But have to sell now due to immigrating. It works well, recenlty went hunting with it. I have some hunting blades as well. I have the draw ropes, just don't have a case. I think it is a bargain. 
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