Barnett crosbow, Recruite 130lbs, It comes with a Barnet 3 position red dot optical.

1 new box of Maxima hunter crosbolt arrows (6) 22” 1 OPM arrow holder WITH 8 arrows 20” and 22”

New 125gr Broadheads and an assortment of other hunting heads as well
Barnett Raptor FX crossbow, Barnett Raptor FX crossbow has a 150-lb draw weight. Custom composite laminated limbs. High-energy CAM system. Crosswire string and cable system.
Five line 4 x 32 multi-reticle scope. Anti dry fire trigger system. Barnett crossbow in high-definition camo. Speed over 300 m/s. Two cocking ropes with extra arrow rest. Bloodline 20 inch carbon arrows. Custom bag. Bow used for hunting.
Bear Cruzer G2 Left hand compound bow, IBO Speed 315fps.Weight range 5-70lbs. All bows are adjustable from a minimum 5lbs up to a peak draw weight of 70lbs.Draw length range 12
Jag Boog te koop / Hunting Bow for sale, Bowtech Samson 90pounder set to 70 pound
briliant shot, include
halo R400 rangefinder
tasco Binoculars
Arm pad
Arrow holder
7x 340 grain arrows
hunting bits
target bud 

Reason for selling - Changing Hobbies.

Matthews V3 Compound Bow Package, Matthews Archery V3 31 Compound Bow Package in like new condition. The bow has only been used for practice and have never been hunted with.

Package includes the following:

Matthews Archery V3 31 Compound Bow
Matthews Quiver
Vaportrial ProV Arrow Rest
HHA Sport Tertra Max Sight
Truball Arc Execution Release Leather
Engage Bow Stand
Hard Bow Case
11 x Maxima Carbon Express Red350 Arrows
Excalibur Micro 340TD Crossbow , The crossbow and all the accessories are in mint condition, only went on two hunting trips.

Accessories included in the deal:

- Excalibur TD Crossbow bag
- Excalibur EXT Charge crank system
- Excalibur cocking equipment
- Excalibur string replacement tools
- Excalibur quiver
- +/- 30 bolts (some still brand new in Excalibur packaging) 
- 7 nee broadheads (3 still in original packaging) 
- plenty of practice points
- bolt case
- broadheads case

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

074 488 8651 

Package is ready to pick up and hunt. 
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