Bow Tech Insanity CPX, Bowtech CPX Insanity complete kit. For sale or to swap for a .243/.270. Bows is In very good condition. It comes with Scott Samurai release, Portable broadhead Arrow butt, 6 arrows, 2 packs of broad heads (6). NAP spitfire and G3 bone collectors. Tool set and arrow puller. Comes with a camo bow bag. The Bowtech Insanity CPX is a fast shooter with virtually no hand shock or vibration after the shot. This bow can be set up to 80 pounds and has given me pass throughs on all game harvested. With correct arrow weights you can generate enough kinetic energy to hunt any species of game in Africa with this bow. Recently serviced and ready to hunt with 6 pin sight (doesnt light up), stabiliser and brush arrow rest plus camo bow bag. Current set up 68 pounds and 30
PSE Tac 15 crossbow for sale with 75 bolts , The Bow comes with 75 bolts, new scope, bag 2x rachets and some extras. The bolt alone is worth round about R20 000.00  as each bolt cost roughly R300.00 as per PSE agent in Randburg,The reason for the sale: Immigration. This is the lowest I can go so please dont ask.
Hoyt maxxis 31, Hoyt maxxis 31, Right hand hoyt maxxis 31 in excellent condition draw weight is 60-70 lbs and draw length is 28-30'' bow comes complete with a 5 pin Tru glo sight, a fuse stabilizer, a scott trigger release. a hard case, and two easton arrows. call or whatsapp me on 0791111911
SF Premium Recurve Bow, Description


• One piece forged handle ready to satisfy your requirements

• Combination of stability, accuracy and easy adjustability

• Features an integrated clicker extender and two cushion plunger holes that allows the use of a bolt-on rest

• Length: 25
bear attack bow hunting kit., Think you know killer bows? Just shoot this PERFECT KILLER. The Bear Attack is in a category all its own.

The Max Pre-Load Limbs and the E-Cam are the two essential components on the Attack that create a new level of efficiency in bows.

No other bow achieves this kind of speed at this level of smooth draw. And during the shot, the Attack transfers the highest percentage of energy possible to the arrow.

The Bear Attack is more than a killer bow - it's a PERFECT KILLER. All Killer - no compromise. The perfect killers. The best Bear have ever built.

Bear believe in speed. Bear believe that after trudging through the scrub or sitting in a cold tree stand for hours, you want to draw down on a beast - not draw back a beast. That's why Bear spent the last two years developing a TRUE HUNTING BOW that's ALL KILLER, NO COMPROMISE.

Teflon Cable Slide.

Specs at a glance

IBO Speed 340fps

Weight ranges 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required. All bows are adjustable 10lbs down from the peak draw weight.

Draw length range 25
Bear Kuma LD for sale, Bear Kuma LD 70# Right hand. Ripcord fall away arrow rest, Truglo 5 pin illuminated sight, Truglo stabilizer, Jim Fletcher trigger. 10x Easton aftermath arrows an 3x slicktrick vipertrick ss broadheads, soft carry bag and bow medic portable bow press included. Price is negotiable. Bow only needs new string.
**SOLD**Matthews Switchback XT package **SOLD**, Selling my Matthews Switchback XT Solocam for R4900 ono.  28 Inch draw length, 70Lb draw weight (currently set to 62Lb) Package as follow:
- Almost brand new bow
- Bow case with space for 12 arrows
- True Fire release
- 5 pin sight
- trophy taker drop away arrow rest
- 3 arrow quiver
- 7 Arrows
- Bow string wax
- Extra arrow vanes
- Allen key to set draw weight
Reason for selling: Upgraded to Matthews Vertix. I would sell this bow to my best friend and even to my own mother...
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