Semi-Automatic Pistols

HK USP Compact 9mm and 4 Magazines and 5 Holsters, HK USP Compact 9mm, 4 Magazines, 5 Holsters and Trijicon night sites
TAURUS STAINLESS PT92 9MM PARA, If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this pistol
GLOCK 17L 9MM PARA, Austrian, 9mm Para 17-shot single-action pistol, 6.02″ barrel. Very good condition.
Walther PPK 9mm for sale , Selling Walther PPK 9mm, hardly used. Excellent condition. Selling with original box, factory certificates and two spare magazines. Contact on my cellphone
9mm Short Taurus For Sale, Taurus 9mm short.

Great quality, never given an issue.

Easy to conceal

Well looked after.

Price neg
Beretta Mod 84 380ACP, Beretta Mod 84 with 3 mags, 100rounds, 1x leather holster and 1 ankle holster
REMINGTON MOD RP9, REMINGTON MOD RP9 9mm Par pistol, brand new in box
BERETTA MOD 92, BERETTA MOD 92 9mm Par pistol, ex SAP, in box in good overall condition
BERETTA MOD 84, BERETTA MOD 84 9mm Short pistol with pachmyer grips in good overall condition
AMT .45ACP, AMT HARDBALLER .45ACP satin finish in good overall condition
VEKTOR CP1, VEKTOR CP1 9mm Par, brand new in case.
CZ 75, CZ 75 9mm Par pistol in good overall condition
COLT 1911, COLT 1911 Combat Commander .45ACP satin finish in good overall condition
Wanted Glock 10mm, I am looking to buy a Glock 10mm for R5000 Cash
I am in Durban
Instead of giving the firearm to the SAPS  to crush . Sell it to me please .
I am a private buyer
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