Glock 17 Gen 4, Glock 17 Gen 4 in excellent condition (fired under 1000 rounds). Accessories:

- 2Kg connector
- 3% Engineering Worx fiber optic sights
- CKCS RH IWB holster
- CKCS RH Sports Cut Paddle Holster
- CKCS Trigger Guard Holstet
- CKCS IWB single magazine holder
- Fobus OWB double magazine carrier
- 3 x 17 round Glock magazines
- Glock carry case with backstrap extensions
Glock 43, Glock 43 in excellent condition (fired under 500 rounds) with the following accessories:
- 1 x CKCS RH IWB holster
- 1 x CKCS trigger guard holster
- 1 x CKCS ISB magazine carrier
- 2 x Glock magazines
- 1 x +2 Vickers Tactical magazine extension
- Meprolighy TRU DOT night sights
- Original Glock Carry case
CZ83 - 9mm Short, I have my CZ83 for sale with a spare magazine and rounds.  This 9mm short is amazing - light, easy to carry around, very accurate, takes 12 rounds in the 15 round mag no problem.  The worlds best and easiest take apart system - you will ever see and it has never ever failed me from the day i bought it new.
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