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Assortment of Glock holsters for sale, Assortment of Glock holsters for sale, all for R1400.
Postage at buyers cost.
Atn 5*20 x-sight hb, Atn for sale, good working condition with external and internal batteries.
usb port broken, can only go on pc with sd card, other than that works like a charm.
going to upgrade to the new one.
Source Assault 20 Hydration backpack, Source Assault 20 Hydration backpack - Black

Made in Israel to military specs.

The hydration pack  and bite valve have not been used.

Will courier anywhere with Postnet.
Custom 6.5x47 Lapua, Geweer was n projek wat my 2.5 jaar geneem het om al die parte te verkry en te laat bou. Teen die tyd wat geweer kla gebou was in 2015 het ek alreeds emmigreer na Australia. Geweer het SLEGS 25 rondtes geskiet en is gebou en gekamer deur Terry Harrison van Bullet Central Africa.

Geweer is gebou uit die volgende parte en sluit in by die koop:
*Accuracy International AX chassis,
*Krieger 6.5mm 1:8 Twist Heavy Palma Barrel (26
Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4 Scope, Leupold low powered variable scope for AR platform rifles.
Firedot illuminated reticle.
Calibrated ballistic turret.
Includes Leupold 1
Bulletproof vest, Buffalo Ballistics Pty Ltd designs all types of bulletproof vest, concealed vest and bomb suits  from level 2 up to level 4. All our vests are up to the NIJ standards.
Smoke grenades, We have a full range of colours in stock.
These grenades have an incredibly wide range of uses.

Scope bubble level 30mm/25mm, For the most precise long-range shooting, use the bubble level to ensure that the rifle is perfectly vertical. This will eliminate potential error caused by shooting a canted rifle.
Mounts quickly and easily to the riflescope tube.

Critical appendix carry rig, CRITICAL  Appendix sidecar holster
In single color or 2 tone.
Hi rise backing for comfort.

Available with S clips or J clips

Mag carrier can be detached and carried solo with holster.

GLOCK 17/19/21/22/23/36
Sig p320
Sig 2022
Sig 226
Taurus pt111 g2


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