Glock 19 Blank firing Gun , Kuzey Gn19 Glock 19 self defense Gun,  non lethal. No projectile on pepper spray mist and loud bang.
For self defense use. Gives the sound of a real Gun including muzzle flash and cartridge ejected. Also uses pepper rounds that are effective at 6 meters.
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Blank gun, Blank gun. No license required. A blank gun is a replica gun but the barrell is blocked off. The cartridge has gun powder and when you fire you get the same sound and effect of a real gun (sound, smoke and fire) but the there is no lethal bullet top part that fires out. This blank gun was only fired once ( test shot ). Will include 10 blanks as well for free ( more available at R15 each ). This gun is a replica of the KRL-1 Formula 9mm which is small Russian hand gun
Tippman TIPX 68 Cal Paintball pistol + accessories, Only ever shot twice to test - basically brand new in carry case

* Standard 7 round mag + additional extended 12 round mag
* 3 cylinders
* multiple pepper balls and rubber balls

Cash Only
For collection in Gardens, CBD Only
No chancers
Glock 19x Airsoft gun (Perfect condition) , Bought the airsoft gun and used it for practice on a paper target. Perfect condition with no damage at all. Comes with the box and 2800 bbs. Has just been sitting in my cupboard so want to get rid of it.

Contact me If you interested (Price is negotiable)
Pistols, Target Pistols, Umarex, Umarex, Walther T4E PPQ .43 Cal airgun, .43, Used, South Africa, Province of the Western Cape, Kraaifontein
  • Pistols, Target Pistols, Umarex, Umarex, Walther T4E PPQ .43 Cal airgun, .43, Used, South Africa, Province of the Western Cape, Kraaifontein
  • Hi everyone,
    I am selling my Umarex Walther T4E PPQ .43 Cal airgun. This CO2 powered blowback action air gun is a fantastic gun, that works almost identically to a real gun. This gun was used in training due to its similar weight and size compared to your normal 9mm firearms, and thus was the preferred replica to use.
    The gun comes with:
    • The Walther PPQ .43 Cal
    • Holster
    • 192 .43 Nylon Bullets
    • 180 .43 Metal Bullets
    • 42 .43 Pepper Bullets
    • 5x Gas Cannisters
    The gun is in great condition, barely been used. Great for target practise, or to have around for self-defence purposes.
    Technical Data:
    • System CO2 Defence-Training-Marker
    • Calibre .43
    • Magazine capacity 8 shot(s)
    • Length 180 mm
    • Weight 848 g
    • Velocity 100m/s
    • Energy <5.0 Joule(s)
    • Holster Type A
    • Trigger Single Action
    Please get in touch with me if you are interested.
  • R 5,200.00
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