Black powder Rifles

Traditions pursuit xlt 50 cal, In line black powder rifle. Comes with a 4x32 AO compact scope, ram rod and cleaning rod. Great rifle for hunting and for taking your time at the shooting range. I am situated in Walkerville, Gauteng. Rifle is in a box, so can be couriered with selected couriers. Price is not negotiable 
1859 Swinburn and Son .72 calibre MZ RIFLE, 1859 Swinburn and Son .72 calibre custom 4 grooved single barrel muzzle loading rifle. The top of the 33” octagonal barrel is inscribed “Warranted by Chensley”. The rifle uses a very unique 4 groove rifling and belted .72 cal round balls similar to the 2 groove Brunswick rifle except for 4 grooves.
The rifle looks very similar to the famous Jacobs double rifle except it is a single barrel.
The patch box has an Elephant engraving, the side plate has a Leopard engraving and the bottom of the trigger guard features a Tiger. It is very certain that this rifle was used for big game hunting in India and maybe even here on the African continent.
Barrel length: 33”
Oal: 49”
Cal: .72 cal.   
.625 CAL FLINTLOCK MUSKET, Unknown .625 caliber German flintlock musket. This is not a replica or reproduction. The musket has a 32” octagonal barrel, the side plate is engraved: “Ter Morawer A Krumau”.
The top of the barrel has a gold or brass plate with 3 gold or brass acorns inserts.
It needs a flint stone but otherwise the musket is complete with ram rod.
Unfortunately there are no other dates, makes or markings.
1861 PARKER HALE ENFIELD 2 BAND "MUSKETOON&qu, Pattern 1861 Enfield musketoon
The Pattern 1861 Enfield musketoon was a short-barrel version (610mm or 24 inches) of the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifled musket, having a faster rifling twist rate (1:48 versus 1:78), along with more rifling grooves (five grooves versus the Pattern 1853's three grooves), which made it more accurate than the original rifle. The shorter rifle was therefore easier to carry and reload.
This weapon is often referred to as a musketoon but due to it having a rifled barrel is more accurately a short rifle. This mistake is prevalent in the popular literature probably due to the misnomer being applied to a Parker Hale reproduction.
This example is in near mint condition and can still be fired.
COLT 1861 , Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company produced approximately 100,000 .58 caliber rifle muskets for government contract during the Civil War. An unknown number, rejected by U.S. military inspectors, were sold on the civilian market.

This example is in used condition. It’s missing its rear sight and ram rod.

This historic piece will make a nice wall hanger over the fire place or bar. 
Lyman Trade Rifle .54Cal with Accessories, Lyman Trade Rifle .54 Cal no11 percussion caps, with Fibre Optic sights and bases for scope mounts. Comes with accessories (powder measure, percussion cap holder, powder through, bullet sizer etc) and about 140x 470gr lead bullets.
Very good condition. Rarely used. . .
CVA Accura, S/Steel camo thumbhole stock inline muzzleloader. Traditions 3-9x40 optic. 4x 500g Bushchalk black powder. +/- 200 bullets , sabots. Short starter. Quick loader. Powder measure. Range rod. 209 primer extraction tool. R10 000. Contact Brad 0829032824
50 Cal. Muzzle loader ( in -line ), Mkonto in-line 50 caliber muzzle loader for sale. Condition like new. Extras : Lynx scope ( 1.5 x 3 big bore scope ), Quick release scope rings , +/- 250 bullets ( 535gr ),+/- 200 precussion caps, 2 Tins of Sanadex, cleaning kit, Gun bag, Lots of other extra's for reloading. 
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