Black powder Rifles

WANTED .50 INLINE MUZZLELOADER, WANTED: .50 MUZZLELOADER Good as new.Must use shotgun primers and are break action similar to singleshot shotgun..
Stainlesssteel will be a bonus.

I don't pay for pictures,your rifle my money,fair an square.
So goed as nuut. Moet haelgeweer slagdoppie's gebruik en knak aksie soos enkelskoot haelgeweer hê. Vlekvryestaal SA ñ bonus wees.


Ns/Ek betaal nie vir foto's,my geld vir jou geweer.botter by die vis.

Send clear photos and price WhatsApp please.

Stuur asb duidelike fotos en prys per Whatsapp 

CVA 0.50 Black Powder Rifle with accessories, I have my Black Powder rifle for sale.  It is in magnificent condition and comes complete with all the accessories as shown in the photographs.  The rifle has been fired no more than 15 times and is one of a kind with the realtree hardwoods cammo.
Thompson Center Endeavor , Thompson Center (TC) Endeavor 50 cal with Swarovski Z3 3-9x36 scope. In-line black powder. Uses 209 primers. Comes with more than 900 TC Sabots (mostly 250gr) and lots of accessories!! Rifle is in excellent condition. 
This is a package deal. Price negotiable.

.54 Pedersoli Double Rifle., This Pedersoli is a fantastic black powder double rifle with a firm but manageable pushback when fired. It is accurate and was sited on 60m with a 1 inch grouping. There is much to read about the Pedersoli Kodiak on the web for extra info.
The rifle is in very good condition and was kept clean and wood oiled. No scrathes or marks. It does not come with the ramrod. I use a proper alluminium rod for loading. I purchased the rifle from a PH in Hoedspruit that replaced it with a .470 nitro. I am selling because I also have a .50 that I use more frequently.
1 Ardesa Hawken Woodsman 54cal, Ardesa Hawken Woodsman 54cal , Very Nice example  with brass fittings and a good selection of sabots, round balls and lubed lead bullets.  Rifle in very good condition with minor scuffmarks. Call to arrange for viewing Selling from estate 0829283907
Ardesa 45 Deerhunter, Ardesa .45 Deerhunter, Good starter Muzzleloader with brass powder flask, short starter, in line capping tool, powder measure and nipple tool. All you need to get going with a good selection of round balls Rifle in good condition with minor scuffmarks. Call to arrange for viewing Selling from estate 0829283907
Sanadex will only be part of the package if you have the appropriate explosives permit. Powder will not be sold separately. 
CVA OPTIMA PRO, CVA OPTIMA PRO 50Cal black powder rifle with steel weaver 2.5-4.5x20 telescope and steel Thor mounts in good overall condition
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