Black powder

Collectors Black Powder Revolvers- a Must seen, Still brand new Revolvers in Box with certificate for collecters.
Dragoon Muscle loader .44
Walker Mucle loader .44
Ruger old Army .45 
Ruger old Army .44
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Black Powder Cannon , 36 cal. black powder cannon. Comes with powder measure. Full steel frame with thick brass barrel. 250 mm long, 110 mm wide, 85 mm high and weighs 1.5 kg. fun to shoot and actually rolls back on its wheels from the recoil or to have as a fancy desk ornament. Can not be fired in your back garden as it is a small calibre muzzle loader.
Black powder rifle, One of a kind and very rare. Black powder 5,5 mm breech loader muzzleloader. Rosewood stock and silencer. Uses toy caps for in line ignition. Very accurate using 23 grain HP pellets sitting on top of 1.5 gr Sanadex or fff black powder. Powder measure included.
Welman Lood Baan Punte, Welman Coated Lead Bullets
Suitable for range sessions and competition shooting. Welman Lead Bullets are available as Coated (High-Tec or Powder Coated), or Un-coated. They are also starting into the Black Powder market. Please view their products and prices at and to place an order.

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