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Glock 19 Gen 4, Brand New Glock 19 Gen 4 9mm. For sale still at dealership, am immagarting and need to sell Urgently.
New been fired all paper work is currently with me if interested please contact me. Extra mag and grips along with case included in price.
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  • Thompson contender 357Herrett with Pachmayr grip and front end & .223 Rem barrel with Redfield 4x40 and Burris 2x20 scopes. 357 Herrett die set and 100 rounds and +-100 cases
  • R 17,000.00
Glock 19 Gen4, Like brand new.
Pistol barely fired 300 rounds.
Includes : 
Hard case and owners manual 
2 x Glock 15round mag
5 x Glock 33round mag
Blackhawk tactical holdster 
Glock 41 Gen 4   .45 ACP, I am selling my Glock 41 gen 4 that was originally bought for sport shooting. The firearm has no more than 50 rounds through the barrel. This is a fantastic firearm, I simply have no time to shoot anymore. As stated in the listing, this firearm is like new. It comes with two mags, all the original grips, the case and a brand new Fobus holster. R7500
22lr FN-Browning Medalist, The target pistol has a wooden grip designed for a right handed person, it has probably shot less than 600 rounds since my father bought it 20 plus years ago. It has some light rust on the exterior from when my father forgot to change the dehumidifier in his safe. It comes with 2 magazines. It has a ventilated rib with a heavy 6
Pistols, Target Pistols, Walther - GSP, Walther, GSP - Olympic rapid-fire pistol, .22 LR, Like New, South Africa, Gauteng, Roodepoort
Pistols, Target Pistols, I GI Domino Olympic rapid-fire pistol, IGI Domino, SP 602 - Olympic rapid-fire pistol., .22 LR, Good, South Africa, Gauteng, Roodepoort
Pistols, Target Pistols, Browning Gold trigger - square barrel, Browning, Gold trigger, .22 LR, Good, South Africa, Gauteng, Roodepoort
Pistols, Target Pistols, Vortex Precision Extended Cantilever Mount , Vortex, CM-530-20, Any, Brand New, South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria
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