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CZ75b for sale, CZ75b with Omega trigger for sale (non-decocker version). Bought new in 2015. Was used as a daily carry for about two years, bought a smaller pistol now.
Rough estimate of 500-600 rounds through it (sad, I know). I have only shot Winchester & PMP ammo, and some Aguila ammo. No diplopoint ammo. Signs of holster wear, has a mark on the rear tail as it fell from my lap when I got out opening a gate while on my way back from a fishing trip (stupid, I know, but the firing pin block works...)

Regularly cleaned using Hoppe's bore cleaner & Hoppe's oil. No rust on firearm.

Price includes a Ghost Hybrid IWB holster, as well as a Fobus paddle OWB holster. Original box, both original magazines and an extended mag also included.

We can store at a local gun shop (Vanderbijlpark/Vereeniging) - on your expense. Ideally I would like to have it dealerstocked while you apply.

Current license still valid (until 2025 - Licenced under S15)

Will share pictures via Whatsapp if requested. E-mail me for cell number.
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Beretta Mod 76
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