Target Pistols

Feinwerkbau (FWB) Mod 80 - Excellent Condition, This is an excellent air gun in excellent condition with anti-recoil that actually works fantastically. Best is to google.. This is based on the same anti recoil used on the iconic FWB 300s. This is a super accurate springer that just keeps producing excellent results. I don't think its possible to shoot more accurately with a springer air gun than with this one because of its anti -recoil design. 

This is a highly collectable and sought after air gun made by arguably the best manufacturer in the world when its comes to air rifles/pistols.

Comes with carry case as shown, counter weights and a manual. Also comes with a spare wooden grip as shown.

(I'm also selling my Feinwerkbau (FWB)  C20 Air Pistol - advertised under Airgun - Hand Guns..)

CZ Shadow 2 plus CR Speed holster, Almost Brand new CZ Shadow 2. No marks, no scratches due to minimal use. As new in factory case.
Included an almost new CR Speed competition holster used with pistol.

1 x Pistol.
1 x CR Speed holster.
3 x Magazines (Stainless).
1 x Original Carry case and Cleaning rod.
Some buffers.
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  • Cz P-09
    We have the very scarce Cz P-09 FDE on Special now! Comes with Tritium Sights. Limited stock availible!
    Please contact us Direct on: 042 291 0431
    or mail us: or
  • R 9,500.00
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  • Cz Po9
    Comes with 2 magazines each holding up to 19 rounds.
    this is a high quality, high capacity and highly durable gun, now on Sale at the Co-op.
    please contact us direct at: 042 291 0431
    or mail at: or

  • R 8,999.99
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  • We have the Taurus PT1911 availible right now!
    The is best bang for your buck when it comes to the 1911 catogorie... in the world!
    This spectacular edition has all the right upgrades from the sights to the triger to the saftey, both of the mags it comes with takes 8 rounds standard!
  • R 7,599.00
Pistols, Target Pistols, High Standard Supermatic Tournament FOR SALE, High Standard, Supermatic Tournament, .22 LR, Brand New, South Africa, Province of the Western Cape, Cape Town
Heckler @ Koch USP Expert .40S&W, Iconic HK USP Expert .40S&W target pistol in good condition
Incredibly accurate and reliable
Comes with:
 - original HK case and spares kit, including second hammer and o-rings
 -  four jet funnel mags
 -  DAA Apha X HK USP insert for the Alpha X holster
 -  IDPA legal holster
 Reason for sale:  bought new custom-built STI Edge for IPSC
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