RCBS 9.3X62 Dies BRAND NEW, Unwanted gift. Never been used
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Unused equipment, E-Zee Trim Rifle kit Pilots ingesluit .223, .243, .270, 30-06 & .308. Nuut R500.002 ekstra nuwe E-Zee Trim204 Pilots R95.00 elkHornady Neck Dies .204 Nuut R440.00Hornady Neck Dies .243/6mm Gebruik ma soos nuut R390.00
7x57 Brass casings, fired once, 20 boxes of 7x57 Brass casings fired once. I will throw in 4 bags of mixed brands of casings for free. A lot of the mixed bags are PMP casings. Will also throw in a box of PPU casings at no charge. That’s 220 free casings. 
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