RCBS Rangemaster electronic scale, RCBS RangeMaster 750 Scale
R1500-00 negotiable
750gr capacity
AC or 9v battery powered (AC adaptor included)
Fast & easy calibration
Calibration weights included
Reads in grains or grams
Acccurate to 1/10 od a grain
Lee Pro1000, Hey there,
This is a really cost effective progressive press.
It is the new version with the milled steel base. And a used primer tube so the base doesn't fill up with spent primers.
It has the hardwood roller handle.

It is setup for 9mmP (but if you have .40s&w or 10mm dies you can interchange as they use the same base plate.)
It comes with a spare turret (so you can interchange as above, or you can size and de-prime as a separate stage before cleaning)
It has the optional extra extra case collator - A must have - still fascinates me as to how well this works.
It has the Autodisc powder measure with all the discs.

Price: R4000 all in
Kriek Bullets, Kriek Premium Monolithic Bullets for Sale.
Your companion from the far-away plains to the dense bush with the Big Five.
Extremely Accurate - Extremely High Performance!
Please visit to view our products and place an order. You will also find a downloadable Bullet File for QL there.
Turnaround time +-30 days, Delivery Countrywide by TCG at +-R99.
Stewart Bullets & Accessories, Stewart Core Bonded Bullets for sale.

The Best African bullet when Africa gets tough!
Strong Jackets, Bonded Core. To view our products and prices, and to place an order, please visit
Turnaround time +-30 days
Delivery RAM Couriers+- R230
               Aramex  R99
               PEP store to Store R50

Die Stewart Gesplete Geweerband word van volgrein leer gemaak om jare lank die vinnige aksie van bosveld jag mee te maak, 'n stabiele platvorm te skep vir langer uit-die vuis skote, en blitsvinnig in aksie te wees met die minste gevroetel. Die netjiese geweerband komplimenteer enige geweer, en is ewe geskik om in die bosveld, vlaktes of op die skietbaan aangewend te word.
Besoek gerus om meer te wete te kom en u bestelling te plaas.
Johan: 0605277275
Claw Bullets, Claw Core Bonded Hunting- and Non-bonded Range Bullets for sale.
When you only have one chance to bring the bacon home.
Please visit to view our product & prices and place your order.
We deliver country wide.
Range Bullets in all calibers and weights available. Please have a look at the prices on the Claw web page! 
!!!New!!! 9mm 124gr JHP Bullets @ R377/(100) or R3400/(1000)
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