Reloading equipment RCBS,LEE,Pacific, RCBS - Rockchucker combo,uniflow powder measure,5-10 reloading scale,powder trickler,automatic primer feed,various deburring tools and sizer dies.
Lee bullet moulds for 38 special/357 Magnum.
Lyman 450 bullet sizer and lubricator,M 5 precision reloading scale,Mouldmaster smelter with ladels and pot with lots of extra lead.
Pacific chucker and powder trickler.
Dies for .25 acp - 38 special/357 Magnum - 9mm Para and 308 Winchester.
Books on reloading and other gun books - bullet lube - primers 9mm copper jacket reloads - 9mm doppies including work trolley
For more info or pics please whattsapp me on 084-588-6216
Complete reloading kit, and accessories, complete reloading kit with table & storage cabinet
Lee reloading press , 2 cartridge trays, Lee powder dispenser, Lee hand priming tool with shell holder set, Bullet knocker, 
Lyman digital precision scale, Lee safety powder scale,Lyman pro 1200 tumbler with media
.375 H&H dies (lee) , 286gr PMP solid bullets x 25
30.06 springfield dies (lee), 150gr PMP .308 bullets x80
reloading bench & storage cabinet
assorted brushes primer pocket cleaner
20 x .375 cases cleaned and ready, 50 x 30.06 cases cleaned & ready
.45 ACP reloading equipment , I have the following for sale, would like to sell them together
450 cases deprimed and cleaned 
200 frontier Bullet heads
950 large pistol primers
4 cases for rounds 
RCBS die set
please phone for more details 
7,62x51 plastic blanks (32 of), I have 32 X  7,62x51 blank cartridges.    23x Black,  3x Green,  3x White and 2 metal.
As used in blank firing devices which are used on farms etc as signaling devices or to ward off pests. I'm not sure what the colour diffirence means. They will have to be collected. R200 for all.  Trevor
Claw Bullets, Claw Core Bonded Bullets for sale.
When you only have one chance to bring the bacon home.
Please visit to view our product & prices and place your order.
We deliver country wide.
!!!New!!! Range Bullets in all calibers and weights available. Please have a look at the prices on the Claw web page!
Redding Deluxe Die set for .308, Redding Deluxe Die set for .308 Winchester which includes bullet seating, neck sizing and full length seating die.

Bought the Redding Type-S match die set so do not have use for it anymore.

Still in very good condition. 

For pictures or more info Whatsapp me on 066 250 1311
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