300 Win Mag Redding Deluxe Die Set, Brand brand new 300WM Redding die set for sale. Dies are spotless and have never been used. The set includes: Neck sizing die / Full length die / Seating die.

40S&W/10mm auto mould for sale., Lyman  40s&w / 10mm auto bullet mould. Double cavity good condition mould. Without handles, quite rare. Model number #401633  R550.00 Trevor
Bullet moulds for sale., Bullet Moulds for sale.  +- 50 moulds to choose from. 9mm/ 45/ 38-357 and a few more calibres to choose from. I'm open to bulk offers. No handles unfortuntely. There are RCBS,  Lyman,  Saeco,  and one or two other brands to choose form.  Postnet country wide for extra R100.  Check the lists and watsapp or email your questions. Some are new unused, most are good condition previously loved moulds. Dont wait until there is a shortage before you start making your own!  Trevor
HAND PRIMING TOOL, PRIMER, Still in the box, I used it once. Large & small priming bolts; includes a No2 shell holder. I paid mid R500.
Please drop me an sms or whatsapp; I can' take calls from unknown or private numbers amd infrequently check e-mail. Thanks.
243 dies., Three dies in a box.  The bullet seating die is a Posness (Google) die, It is a universal die that takes different sleve calibres, this one has a sleeve that seats 243, 244 and 6mm bullets.  The neck expanding die is a RCBS . There is also a  neck resizing die as per photos. R600.  SA Postnet available @R100.  Emails welcome. Trevor    
RCBS bullet puller, RCBS Bullet puller with three collets, nl .22; 7mm ; 8mm
Relloading Equipment for Handguns and Rifles, Reloading Equipment for Handguns and Rifles.  RCBS Rock Chucker press complete – Ohaus 10.10 scale – Lyman 55 large powder measure – Feed Tubes Cap .100 – RCBS sizer & lubricator – sizing dies and top punches -  Main items chromed – RCBS carbide dies for 9mm para. 357 Mag., 38 Sp -  Bullet puller, funnel, lube pad, trays, 4 lube sticks, spares, steel holding plate.  All equipment in top condition.       If you want to purchase individual items, please call or SMS for price.
38spl/357 Dieset, Lee 38SPL/ 357 MAG Dieset. 2 beskikbaar. Prys excl shipping.
Lee 45acp dieset, Lee 45acp dieset. Prys excl shipping
Lee 223 Dieset, Lee 223 dieset. Prys excl shipping
Lee 6mm Musgrave dieset, Lee 6mm Musgrave dieset. Prys excl shipping
9mmP Lee dieset, Lee 9mmP dieset. Prys excl shipping
RCBS  250 gr  45 mould, RCBS  45 bullet mould.  250 grain monster. round nose with a slight flat point.  Beautiful mould. R550.00   Very good condition. No handles Postnet available @R100.  Trevor
Lyman small primer pocket reamers., Wooden handled small pocket primer reamer and cleaner kit. two handles, one has the pocket reamer on it. The other has a removable steel primer pocket brush on it R200.00.  Postnet in SA available for R100.  Trevor
LEE PRO 1000 .223 FULL SETUP, Hi Selling my Lee Pro 1000 223 setup, in full working order with all dies required, spare primer feeders, eva cushion handle, case feeder and very accurate twin disk powder measure. Also throwing in over 500 once fired boxer primed cases. Asking R4250, please whatsapp 081 3733 842
Hornady Lock N Load Autocharge, Hornady Lock N Load Autocharge, like new condition, only used couple of times. Please contact me for further information 0842996462
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