Hornady 8x60 Die Set, Hornady Custom Grade 8x60 rifle die set, as new - R480. Centurion
Bullet Sizer, Lyman # 450 Bullet sizer & Lubricator
+  Bullet sizer die 356 for 9 mm
Mini Rotary Tumbler, Mini Rotary tumbler. Can take 50 x 308/30-06 cases with ease. 12 month guarantee. 60 Min timer, variable speed, forward/reverse. Comes with spare drive belt & o-ring for drum.
RCBS MODEL 5 -10 Scale, RCBS MODEL 5 - 1O Scale 
20 Bore reloading press, Press inclufes resizing tool, primers x1000, wads x100,26kg lead and primer feeder. VEry quick and efficient press, no longer have a 20 bore. One can order the parts to conver it into a 12 bore press
RCBS  Bullet mould, RCBS  BULLET MOULD  124 grain Conical Nose. Double cavity like new, no handles.
Lyman Press, Lyman reloading press, very good condition.
Hornady Lock n Load, Hornady Lock n Load auto charge. Brand new, only opened for photo. Two available.
NEW STOCK, MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph
Lyman No55 Powder Measure, Lyman No55 Powder Measure in fantastic condition. Has not been used alot at all.
I'll post via Postnet-to-Postnet @R99
RCBS 44 Ma, Rcbs 44 magnum 3 die set.
.375H&, Forster Original Case Trimmer, NIB, never used. Comes with .30 and .375 pilots and #1 Collet. R1300-00.
Reloader, Lee Pro 1000 9mm with Bullet Feeder and Case Collator.
New, still in their boxes
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