Wanted all models reloading equipment, Wanted RCBS,Lee, Redding and Lyman all models reloading equipment.
1. Press
2. Scale
3. Uniflow Powder measures
4. Reloading dies sets
5. Lube-A-Matic bullet sizer/lubricator and bullet sizer dies
6. Bullet moulds and Handles
Lee 4-Hole Turret Press, Excellent condition Lee 4 hole semi-progressive turret press with auto-index for rifle or pistol calibers.

Add 4 dies in the interchangable head and swop out the entire head for a different caliber without having to adjust dies or use the same one for all.

Shipping for buyers expense. Only small primer finger included (Large can be purchased separately)
RCBS Uniflow Powder Dispenser and Stand, Well-looked after RCBS Uniflow powder dispenser looking for a new reloading bench to call home and serve the hungry case mouths.
Includes cast RCBS stand for the measure.

Original lid is missing but replaced with a 3D-Printed one.

Shipping for buyers account. C Clamp not included.
Lee Pro 1000 - 45ACP, Lee Pro 1000 setup in 45ACP for sale.

This recently refurbished and rust free, Lee Pro 1000 is exactly what you need to move off of the single stage scene and into 'one-pull-one-round' progressive reloading.

This includes everything on the machine in the picture but will require tubes for the case feeder, but includes the case feeder itself as well as the dies, powder dispenser and primer tray.

Shipping for your cost.
Pair Lee Load-All II's, Hi,

I have a pair of Lee Load-All II's for sale. Have 2 running for different stages or keep the one as spares.
R1400 for the pair.

Most bushings included.
Will require a sizing ring if you're loading for more than one shotgun.
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