7x57 Brass casings, fired once, 20 boxes of 7x57 Brass casings fired once. I will throw in 4 bags of mixed brands of casings for free. A lot of the mixed bags are PMP casings. Will also throw in a box of PPU casings at no charge. That’s 220 free casings. 
Barnes Clearance Sale, Barnes 416 Banded Solid 350gr X 1 packet R 1050
Barnes 308 168gr TSX  X 4 packets R 950 each
Barnes 9.3 286gr TSX    X 4 packets R 1250 each
Barnes 375  270gr TSX   X6 packets R 1300 each
Barnes 375 300gr TSX    X 2 packets R1300 each
Barnes 375 350gr TSX    X 2 packets R1300 each
Barnes 8mm (323) 200gr TSX  X 2 packets R 1100 each
Rifle brass, I have the following brass cases available

308 Win:

Lapua x 112 twice fired R4 each (R448)
Hornady Match x 95 twice fired R2.50 each (R237)
PMP x 63 twice fired @ R1.50 each (R95)
Winchester x 50 twice fired @ R2 each (R100)

I have switched to Lapua Palma brass 

300 Win Mag:

Nosler x 49 once fired @ R10 each (R500)
Winchester x 48 twice fired @ R2 each (R96) 
Hornady x 38 twice fired @ R2.50 each (R95)
Remington x 30 twice fired @ R2 each (R60)

Based in Springs/Gauteng

Contact me on 066 250 1311
6mm & 30 Cal Bullets for sale. Cleanout., Cleaning out my cupboard!!!

6mm                  count                 R/bullet
PMP 100gr        x 247                    R3
PMP 80gr          x 300                    R2.50
Nosler BTV 70gr x 106                   R3.50
Hornady Vmax75gr x 166               R4.50

30 Cal                    count              R/bullet
Berger Hybrid 200gr   x 608             R7.50 (or R4200 for the lot)
Hornady SST 165gr   x 200              R6.00

Postage for buyer.
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