Mr, 273 x 7x57 Mauser Brass. PMP, S&B, Hornady. Once Fired  and some twice fired.R 950,00 
Hornady Interlock 162 grn x 100 @R 600,00
Sierra Spitzer 160 grn x 80 @ R 600,00
Capstan 175 Grn x 20 @ R 150,00
Hornady Interlock 154 grn x 65 @ R 480,00
S321 Tins Powder for sale, Got S321 powder tins for sale, i have pulled the tins from live ammo (308rounds) that i have changed to my caliber ( 308 x 270 ) and reload it with a different powder (s335) so i sit with a lot of S321 tins that i will never going to use and like to sell .
308 FMJ caliber bullets , I have more then 6000 x 308 PMP FMJ lead core bullets  at R3 each.......if you take more then 2000 we can make it cheaper R2.50 each , if you like me to weigh them out there will be an extra cost of R1.50 each and we will clean them.
( Market price R540 x 100 PMP FMJ)

223 Brass and Die set for sale, 714 x 223 pmp,fiocchi...... 1 time fire , deprimed and cleand brass for sale at R4 per brass and if take all will do R3.50 per brass
1 x lee 223 Die set brand new at R800 but will also give better price if take all brass and die set
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