Scam, Be careful of this guy he is scamming people. He advertised reloading equipment and then asks for a deposit; he would then send it via courier guy. Once the deposit is paid that is it, you can’t get hold of him again. He currently uses the name Henk Van Heerden Cell no 0789995889. If you search the cell number under Google, you will see he scammed another person with model plane parts as well.
6.5 Creedmoor Dies , Set of 3 dies. Forster Benchrest Bullet Seating Die; Redding Body Die; Lee Collet Die. I have loaded 120 rounds with this combination so the dies are basically new. Will postnet them to you at the price listed above. 
Bullets & brass, Hornady SST. 30 CAL .308 180 GR SST #3072 QTY100 - R1000 (new)

30.06 PMP brass boxer (once fired and de-primed) QTY65 - R300
30.06 Sellier and Bellot brass (boxer once fired and de-primed) QTY24 - R120
30.06 Norma/Sako/Mix brass boxer (once fired and de-primed) QTY11 - R50

223. PMP Remington brass boxer (once fired) QTY160 - R500
223. PMP D 223. brass boxer (once fired) QTY185 - R600
223. Mix brass boxer QTY25 - R50

223. PMP Remington boxer ammo 55Gr FMJ(not fired) QTY21 - R200
223. Mix berdan rounds FMJ (not fired) QTY9 - R45

Prices neg
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