Glock 23 Gen 4 .40S&W, Glock 23 Gen 4 .40S&W
4x mags
2x Speed Loaders
Glock Box
115 x S&B 180gr FMJ (Factory Loaded)
30 x Spartan Xiphos 120gr (Factory Loaded)
200 x 180gr BPJ Bullets
100 x 180gr Frontier CMG Bullets 
505 x Mixed Cases
Reloading Dies
Night Sites
Ghost Mag Release
Ghost Slide Release
Ghost 3.5 Ultimate Trigger
3 x Holsters
Only reason I’m selling the Pistol is to rather buy a 9mm.

Please contact on 071 873 2402 for more photos of everything.
Regards Chad
RCBS KINETIC BULLET PULLER SECOND HAND, If you're new to reloading, consider one of the many RCBS Kits to get you started. From there you can add Case Prep products and upgrade individual products to speed up the process or hone the accuracy of your special load.
Reloading room clean up, Cleaning up my reloading room. Have the following items for sale:
6. Redding automatic primer feeder system for t7 and ? New  - R1800
8. Hornady 1000 x 55gr 224 cal varmint bullets for 223rem - R3100
9. RCBS universal deprimer/decapping die. New - R650

WhatsApp/ call for pics and more info.
Dillon Parts , Good day 
I have the following items for sale:

    1. Dillon 38 super dies. R2500 only
    2. 3m peltor earmuffs R2800-00 
    3. 3800 x 9mmP cases R1 per case


Please contact:
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