Complete reloading kit, and accessories, complete reloading kit with table & storage cabinet
Lee reloading press , 2 cartridge trays, Lee powder dispenser, Lee hand priming tool with shell holder set, Bullet knocker, 
Lyman digital precision scale, Lee safety powder scale,Lyman pro 1200 tumbler with media
.375 H&H dies (lee) , 286gr PMP solid bullets x 25
30.06 springfield dies (lee), 150gr PMP .308 bullets x80
reloading bench & storage cabinet
assorted brushes primer pocket cleaner
20 x .375 cases cleaned and ready, 50 x 30.06 cases cleaned & ready
Dillon XL 650 progressive press in .223, Good Evening Guys

Selling my brand new Dillon XL 650 in .223. It is still sealed in the box. Happy to deliver around the Cape Town area, Anywhere else postage is cost to buyer.

Price slightly negotiable. Please whatsapp me for any queries.

Thank you
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