Lee pro 1000 including bullet feed and multifeed, Lee pro 1000 currently set up for 9mmp includes bullet feeder multi feed (unopened still in box) upgraded roller handle and case collator. The press can be set up either for 9mm or the choice is yours.
300 WIN MAG DIE, 300 Win Mag RCBS Die FOR SALE
R600 - barely used excellent condition
.45 LEAD POINTS, .45 Lead Points For Sale
2000 points @ R1 each
Brand New
.45 BULLET CASTS, .45 Bullet Casts for Sale
1 x RCBS 200 grain
1 x RCBS 230 grain 
Barely used - excellent condition
R600 each
.45 RCBS DIES FOR SALE, .45 RCBS DIES For Sale (x2)
Excellent condition still in packaging
R450 each (2 sets)

HAND PRIMING TOOL, PRIMER, Still in the box, I used it once. Large & small priming bolts; includes a No2 shell holder. I paid mid R500.
Please drop me an sms or whatsapp; I can' take calls from unknown or private numbers amd infrequently check e-mail. Thanks.
Lee Quick Trim System, Almost new Quick Trim System
Lee Carbide Dies 357Mag/38Spl, Barely used Carbide Dies for 357 magnum or 38 special
308 cases - once reloaded x 500, 500 x 308 cases (personal stock)
Only been reloaded once before
Fully prepped for immediate reloadeing
Sized, deprimed, cleaned to new and headstamp sorted
Phone for particulars
Redding 338 Win Mag Dies, Full lenght sizer and bullet seater die. Excellent condition. Postage for buyers account
Lee reloading equipment, Lee loadmaster almost new set up for 9mmp, upgraded powder dispencer upgraded primer feed and tray upgraded bullet feeder and multi feed connected tons of spares and extra priming system priming pin and springs. Includes mounting bracket bins spare parts.
lee pro 1000 excellent working order upgraded powder feed currently set up for either 9mmp or 40cal your choice which you want upgraded primer tray includes a bullet feeder and multi feed adapter. Upgraded roller handle and linkages. Will include spares as well as bullet puller linbins and rcbs die wrench. I will also include 2 x sets of 357/38.spl dies as well. Spare brand new charge bar as well as autodiscs of every size available. Machines are currently in production....083 348 8669 i will throw in whatever other bits and bobs i have lying around.
Schmidt and Bender 6 by 42, Schmidt and Bender 6 by 42

A7 Reticle

Mounted for less than 200 shots on .270 Win

Selling to finance Rangefinder Binos

Amazing optics!!!
HORNADY CUSTOM GRADE DIES 9MM , Brand new never been used. Postage for buyers account. Please whatsapp for more details 082 368 8869
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