Single Barrel Shotguns

Beretta 1301 tac, Selling as new Beretta 1301 tac, this gun has been upgraded with Toni system parts ( original parts are included) it has not been liscensed and is in dealer stock. Has not been shot a lot, but has been shot. The shotgun can be bought standard with upgrades EXCLUDING Trijicon or with Trijicon for extra ( ie. The Trijicon is not a part of this deal but will be extra should the buyer want it) the new buttstock and forend  alone were a little over R12000. The mag was extended and barrel clamp also added. 
SABATTI 12GA OVER & UNDER SECOND HAND SH167, Sabatti is from a firm that, though a long established and much respected member of the Italian gun trade, is not that well known in Britain. I have visited Sabatti (aka FIAS – Fabbrica Italiana Armi Sabatti) in Gardone twice. A substantial family concern, they manufacture guns under their own name and also for other brands. They don’t just produce solid and reliable shotguns for which they are best known abroad; they also make rifles (bolt-action and double) and quality rifle barrels in house. In exploring the factory a few years ago (which is an interesting place because of the diversity of work), I was particularly impressed by the firm’s expertise in regulating double rifles. This is one of the toughest of all jobs concerning double-gun fabrication, and it was good to see so much handwork going into them and real effort expended on range to get them just right. Sabatti are proper ‘old-school’ gunmakers with profound knowledge; the family has been making guns for almost 400 years – only Beretta can claim to be older, and only just!
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