Single Barrel Shotguns

SABATTI 12GA SECOND HAND SH167, The Sabatti SABA is a very elegant and traditional, internal hammer side-by-side hunting shotgun.

The steel lock – a boxlock design with a traditional Anson Deeley system – is machined out of a single forged block of high-strength steel.

The barrels are manufactured out of special steel and are both lapped and chrome-lined to provide top-notch performance both in terms of ballistics and service life.

The selected walnut stock and handguard are oil-treated by hand; the Saba shotgun comes standard with a pistol grip stock, manual extractors, and a single sequential trigger.
ASTRA SINGLE SHOT - SHOTGUN, The single shot shotgun is a true classic! You've probably used this at your grandparent's farm shooting some birds out in the veld, or seen it in the back corner of your dad's safe. 
The single barrel shotgun is great for just about anything, whether it's pest control or shooting for fun!

This example comes with a sling swivel making it perfect for walking about in the veld without a problem!
SHOTGUN 12GA BERETTA 692 SPORTER 30IN, The futuristic Beretta 692 competition over-under shotgun falls right in between our vault-like DT10 and the trimmer 680 series. At its core is a 1.6”-wide receiver designed to give superior balance and stability as well as intuitive shouldering and fast target acquisition by placing more weight between the hands. Also, the action is engineered to withstand the rigors of tens of thousands of rounds of serious training and competition, with its two huge locking lugs and replaceable barrel shoulders. And giving you adjustable trigger, adjustable ejection-extraction, adjustable balance and (optional) adjustable comb, the 692 can truly become an extension of your body.
Lanber O/U Hunter Lux for sale with 28" barre, The gun has multichokes and I have 2 x cylinder, 2 x 1/4, 1 x 1/2, 1 x 3/4 & 1 x full choke for the gun. The gun was serviced a few months ago. The gun can be dealer stocked if required. R11000 onco. Please WhatsApp or call Attie @ 083 (328) 4317.
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