Single Shot Rifles

WEATHERBY Accubrake MUZZLE BRAKE (NEW), Made in USA,NEW,never been on a rifle.The Accubrake is very effective and reduce felt recoil and muzzle jump up to 53 percent.Ideal for a light,hard recoiling rifle in 6.5 mm,264,270,7 mm or 7mm Magnum.Will NOT FIT a .30 calibre. R 2000.
Remington VTR, Awesome one of a kind!
 I am selling my VTR, You can contact 0795785022.
This purchase include Remington VTR 308 with Burris Lazer scope, Waltz silencer custom desert tan aluminum stock, Harris bipod, magazine(5), crocodile carry strap , tactical carry bag for hand carry or to carry on the shoulder, it folds open to become a shooting mat unbelievably accurate around 200 shots fired
Silent Hunter Knaldempers, Silent Hunter Knaldempers te Koop.

.22 Silent Hunter - R750-00

Hunt Buddy - 'n Ligte en kort knaldemper wat meer geskik is vir digte bosjag. R900-00

Silent Hunter Std - Standaard knaldemper wat geskik is vir beide algemene jag asook gereelde baanskiet. R1400-00

Reflex - Reflex knaldemper wat uiters sag skiet, skuif +-80mm terug oor die loop. R2000-00 Thread spec mostly 1mm pitch. Please inquire for options.

Powder-coated, curved baffles. Excellence at affordable price!

Country-wide Delivery - Postnet-Postnet or @ your door: R150-00
Please visit: hunter.html to view these silencers and place an order.
Johan 0605277275
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