270 Winchester cases once fired
  • 270 Winchester cases once fired
  • Pmc  x 9
    Hornady x 6
    S & B x 17
    FC Federal x 19
    nny Frontier x 26
    Norma x 19
    Sako x 3
    Winchester x 4
    Nossler x 1
    Peters x 1
    R-P X 5
    110 IN TOTAL

    can postnet for R99
Target .22 Rifle wanted
  • Target .22 Rifle wanted
  • Wanted: Anchutz, Walther, Remington, Sako, Cooper target .22LR. Please call 0842738666 or whattsapp or email bestfarmersa@gmail.com
bsa .22 series 1 Bolt
  • bsa .22 series 1 Bolt
  • Wanted - Price negotiable
    1 x B.S.A. No.8 aperture rear-sight
    1 x B.S.A. MODEL No. 1 bolt (and (top) the later bolt, only the handle and boss of which rotates to lock the action in the attached picture)
Sako L461 Vixen 1 inch scope rings
  • Sako L461 Vixen 1 inch scope rings
  • Wanted:Sako L461 Vixen 1 inch high scope rings in good condition
    I am in possession of low mounts if any one will swop
    Contact Francois at 0849099317
Mossberg Folding Stock
  • Mossberg Folding Stock
  • Urgently looking for a Mossberg folding stock to fit a Maverick or 500.
    Contact Jonathan
Beretta 9mm Short or newer model
  • Beretta 9mm Short or newer model
  • I’m looking to buy a well looked after Beretta 9mm ; new or barely used.The caliber must be at least.380 ACP (9mm Short) or 9mm.A combo deal will be preferable eg. extra mags , holster , ammunition etc.Price must be negotiable based on items included in combo deal.Contact (Phone or WhatsApp) Craig on 0812712649 … 0813588813 … or email ircraig@hotmail.com.
HOWA Mini Stock Wanted
  • HOWA Mini Stock Wanted
  • I am looking for an unwanted HOWA Mini Action .223 heavy barrel stock at reasonable price.

  • Boerwarcollector
  • Wanted- Boer war firearms - Mausers, Martini's, Gueddes, Lee- metford/Enfield, webleys, broomhandle Mausers and Boer war period firearms.  Please contact me should you wish to sell or should you require any advice or evaluation.  
Star M30 spares
  • Star M30 spares
  • Looking for any spare parts for the Star M 30 9mm
    particularly the slide

    will ship from any where

    Picture for advert purpose only
308 cases
  • 308 cases
  • Looking for any old or unwanted 308 cases
    Willing to pay cash
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