Best Free Classified Website with Do-Follow Link i
  • Best Free Classified Website with Do-Follow Link i
  • Sale Baba is the best Classified Website in Pakistan, providing free Ads Posting Services in all categories and cities of Pakistan. You can sell your products related to mobile phones, laptops, digital devices, cars, boats, vehicles, plots, commercial shops, flats, and much more. 

    Nowadays, every business needs to have some online presence. SaleBaba gives you a free Online Portfolio of your products to let you earn money by online sales. This website is highly SEO friendly so your products will be ranked in Google too. 

    SaleBaba website allows you to list all types of products for sale. You can contact here: https://salebaba.com/ for further detail.
Artwork Management Services, Artwork Solutions,
  • Artwork Management Services, Artwork Solutions,
  • Freyr provides Global Regulatory Artwork Management Services & Solutions for life sciences Industry, which include Artwork proofreading, Artwork packaging, Artwork Lifecycle management, Artwork Studio Services.
Structured Product Labeling Software
  • Structured Product Labeling Software
  • Freyr SPL/SPM is cloud hosted and On-premise software that supports in electronic Pharma registration & listing management, Labeling Management, PI submission in SPL/SPM Format with Automated notification updates.
Wanted - Rifle safe
  • Wanted - Rifle safe
  • I am needing a Rifle Safe. Preferably 5 rifle.
    Located in the Kempton, Pretoria,  Bapsfontein area.
    Could offer R1500 to R2000 depending on type and condition.
    If you are looking to get rid of your rifle safe in that price range please do let me know.
Hospital Information Management System
  • Hospital Information Management System
  • HMS came into the picture of Hospital Information Management System as early as 1960 and has ever since been evolving and synchronizing with the technologies while modernizing healthcare facilities. In today’s world, the management of healthcare starts from the hands of the patients through their mobile phones and facilitates the needs of the patient.
Wanted: K98 action
  • Wanted: K98 action
  • I'm looking for a K98 action in good condition. Will consider K98 Magnum action, Winchester Model 70 action or a CZ 550 Magnum action. Not interested in a barreled action.

    Please contact me a zero seven 9 five one one 95 eight nine.

Ruger Mk1
  • Ruger Mk1
  • Wanted - Ruger Mk1,2 and 3 magazines
Empire BT 4 Combat Slice, BT 4 Combat Slice, BT 4 Combat Slice with horizontal tank adapter and an adjustable stock. Brand new! Includes a refillable 9oz co2 tank (good for approx 200 shots). 10 Pepperballs and 200 Glassbreaker solids. BT Rip Clip electronic loaders. It’s a sound-activated loader that automatically chambers the next round when the marker is fired.

Excellent for security companies
  • Wanted Beretta 92 FS / 92 A1 or Vektor Z88 for Pistols in good condition.Prices offered are based on condition of the pistol , the better the condition the Higher the price .
AK - Wanted
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