Wanted: Knives made by South African makers, Wanted: Knives made by South African makers, Wanted: Knives made by South African makers, I am a collector and looking for knives made by Rob Brown, Peter Bauchop, Angus Arbuckle, Harry Bosman, Piet Grey, Clive Osborne, Francois Boonzaaier, Hennie Prinsloo, Andrew Frankland, John Robertson, Chris Reeve, Andre v Heerden or others from the original SA Knifemakers Guild.  I can also buy complete collections and will pay a big premium for examples in mint condition.  Some of these knives can be very valuable and unfortunately some owners are often taken advantage off by unscrupulous buyers.  Before you sell to anybody give me a call and compare my offer or at least let me give you a good idea of what your knife is worth so you can make an informed decision
Looking for GSG 522 Magazines
Wanted all models reloading equipment
  • Wanted all models reloading equipment
  • Wanted RCBS,Lee, Redding and Lyman all models reloading equipment.
    1. Press
    2. Scale
    3. Uniflow Powder measures
    4. Reloading dies sets
    5. Lube-A-Matic bullet sizer/lubricator and bullet sizer dies
    6. Bullet moulds and Handles

Large Primer Arm, I am looking for the Large Primer Arm for a Lee Turret press as shown in the picture.  The original arm was in a T shape with large pistl on one side and small pistol on the other.

Apparently Lee has not been making this press for a long time and the part is no longer available from them.
  • Wanted
  • Wanted 9.3x62 Rifle in good condition please contact me.
  • Air-rifle
  • Wanted Crossman Webley Rebel Multipump .177Caliber Air-rifle from Brand New to Poor.
Beretta Model 71 .22LR Magazines
Wanted: .22lr Pocket Pistol
  • Wanted: .22lr Pocket Pistol
  • I'm looking for a .22lr pocket pistol, such as the Beretta 21A Bobcat or similiar size in .22lr caliber. Please email me or WhatsApp on 0844004822.
Star ps
  • Star ps
  • Im looking for a star p or ps for my collection willing to pay R3500 to R4000 the firearm must be in a good or fair condition and working calibre 45 if u have 1 plz whatsapp me on 0825250003 thanking u in advance 
Nite Site Eagle
  • Nite Site Eagle
  • Night vision for sale.
    Reason for selling -not using it anymore
    Only used a few times
    Contact nr. 0795222051 or Whatsapp
    Complete kit.
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