Compound Bows

Compound bow, The bow belonged to my brother and I don't use it. It is in excellent condition and has a draw length of 32
60-70lbs hunting bow, Reflex Big Horn right handed bow. 60-70 pounds. Draw length can be adjusted from 27-30in. 
Comes with 5 pin Cobra sight, stabilizer, 11 Gold tip Pro hunter arrows and quick tune arrow rest.
Bow bag included as well. 

Mathews Z7 Exreme, Bow and string in very good condition. Has two draw length cambs in 26
Bowtech, 70LB set on 29
Hoyt LH, Hoyt Pro Defiant 34 Left Hand. 70#-80#
Tight Spot Quiver.
True Ball Fang release.
Spot Hogg Fast Eddie sight.
QAD drop away rest.
12” Bstinger stabilizer.
12x Easton FMJ 250 arrows.
SKB bow case. 
R20 000
Vanguard , Vanguard hard bow case. This case is excellent for transporting your bow or just safe storing it. The case comes included with two pairs of keys. It is a very sturdy case that can house 7 arrows easily. These cases can go over R2500 new, and this one is in excellent condition!
I am located at Bloemfontein as a student and live it Bethlehem, so the case can be transported to those locations.
Stunning P, PSE Stinger Compound bow for sale

Great condition, shot about 100 arrows with it - selling it as I just don't get to use it enough. 

Custom Setup 

70 pounds
28-30 draw length
Cobra trigger (my best trigger by far)
5 pin sight
drop away arrow rest
String Vibration arrester 
String Silencers 
Hunting tips (some have not been used)
Bird hunting tips
Bow bag
Elite Ener, Voted most shootable bow of 2015
Extremely smooth great for hunting & target
Only reason for selling ive upgraded to a new bow
Ross Compo, Ross 331 70 lb 28/29 inch draw RH bow, TruGlo sight, arrow rest, 2 x triggers - 1 x little bitty goose, +/- 12 carbon Fiber arrows, quiver, set of 80 lb limbs, hunting heads, hard bow case. 
Mathews DX, Comes complete with Carry Bag,5 pin sight,trigger,8 arrows,fletching jig,quiver,sling,bow rest and some smalls added
Hoyt Kater, Hoyt Katera 70# and 29
Hoyt Carbo, Hoyt Carbon Matrix RH Bow
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