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Compound bow, Left handed APA suphan XP with IQ Pro bow sight. True ball release aid. Bow is accurate and has broadhead sharpening and tighten tool plus nock straighten tool. I've hunted with it with great success. 70 lbs pull and is fully adjustable.
Matthews MQ32 Compound bow, Matthews MQ32 Solocam compound bow for sale with 8 carbon arrows, sight, bag, assortment of arrow heads, arrow release, 2 x quivers, arrow rest, backstop(for holding targets for practice) and more. Bow currently has a 60 pound pull.
Feel free to contact me via whatsapp for more info.
If you can see this then the bow is still available.
PSE Dream Season, PSE's new X-Force Dream Season™ GX is a 32 1/2'' bow capable of sending arrows downrange at a blistering 342 feet per second. The GX Hybrid Cam System is being touted by the company as the most efficient ever produced. The massively preloaded, past-parallel 12'' split limbs are seated in pivoting HyperSplit™ limb pockets The 80-percent effective letoff (75-percent actual) and 7'' brace height make this bow easy to hold and forgiving to shoot. Limb tip dampers and a Vibracheck™ Backstop™ string suppressor eliminate vibration and noise. Draw length can be adjusted from 27''-31'' without a press. Clad in Mossy Oak® Treestand™ camo, it's available in peak weights of 50, 60, 70, and 80 lbs.
Alpine Archary Silverado 70p bow inc Accessories, Silverado 70p Compound bow inclkuding Trigger , 3X Broadhead arrows, Broadhead box,3x field tip arrows and Carry bag.

Selling for late family member.

Whatsapp or sms for more details
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