Recurve Bow

SF Premium Plus Carbon Recurve Bow, SF 25
Recurve bow, 
Draw weight: 20 LBS
Draw length: 61,0 cm
Velocity: 85 FPS - 26 m/s
Weight: 748 grams
Length: 116,8 cm

Great for beginners or someone wanting to practice at home. Comes with pin sight and 4 aluminum arrows that have interchangeable heads that can be replaced. 
Urgent sale. 
Please feel free to contact me over whatsapp if needed. 

Recurve Father and son set up , Hi All

I have the following father and son re curve bow setups for sale. Whattsapp me (0827801661) for pics if interested.

Price R18 500 for everything

Dad- all new stuff purchased December 2018

bow is currently set at 38 pounds

Hoyt GMX riser 27 inch(original bag)

W&W limbs (original bag)

Fuse carbon blade ES stabilizer set

Shibuya Ultima RC sight (original bag, inv and manual)

Shibuya magnetic rest

Shibuya plunger

New string from Dale from magnum archery

ACE 0.2 1206 H series fletched with Vaintec (10)

Nominator 500/001 practice arrows(12) new

Win&Win Clicker Wiawis ACS Carbon 6/32 Black new

Win&Win Tab Wiawis EZR RH Large new

Krossen Bowstand Xenia Black new

Shocq Chestguard Challenger RH Large new

Fivics Armguard Organic Web Blue new

Artemas Legend Backpack with arrow tube new

Target Fieldpoint Butt new

Eastern quiver



Son- Purchased in December 2018 only used 3 times

Cartel Handle Fantom 25inch RH Blue

Cartel Limbs Fantom Fiber 66inch-22#

Cartel Sight Focus K Black

Spigarelli Sight Pin Black 8-32 Square Cross

Cartel Clicker ADJ

KAP Arrow rest Magnetic WS410 black

Adult finger tab With Spacer 3.3
Zipper, Hybrid bow for sale. 64
Samick Sage, Recurve Bow for sale.
Left handed.

Bob Lee Hunter, Recurve bow for sale. 
Perfect condition.
Left Handed

072 157 5580
Otter recurve bow , Posting for a friend.  Otter recurve bow in excellent condition.  Right hand . 56# at 28 inch. For more information contact John on 0835558685. 
Recurve, take-down bow 30 pounds, Recurve, take-down bow.  30 pounds.  Very seldom used and in very good condition.  Very nice bow. 

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