Recurve Bow

PSE Dream Season Evo, PSE Dream Season Evo with Hoyt stabilizer, sight, silencer and custom rest also comes with large bow bag 4 read to shoot arrows (Easton shaft), spare arrow shafts and arrow parts, S horn trigger, bow string wax and quiver.

The bow has been hardly used but maintain to perfect condition. It has adjustable poundage from 40lb to 70lb, with also a wide range of draw from 25” to 30”.

This is a great beginner to expert bow for most ages and can be used for anything from 3D archery to hunting. The bow has a smooth pull and is easily scaled to heavier poundage.
44lb Heartwood longbow, Great longbow,
44lbs at 28
Zipper, Hybrid bow for sale. 64
Samick Sage, Recurve Bow for sale.
Left handed.

Bob Lee Hunter, Recurve bow for sale. 
Perfect condition.
Left Handed

072 157 5580
Otter recurve bow , Posting for a friend.  Otter recurve bow in excellent condition.  Right hand . 56# at 28 inch. For more information contact John on 0835558685. 
Recurve, take-down bow 30 pounds, Recurve, take-down bow.  30 pounds.  Very seldom used and in very good condition.  Very nice bow. 
Vanguard , Vanguard hard bow case. This case is excellent for transporting your bow or just safe storing it. The case comes included with two pairs of keys. It is a very sturdy case that can house 7 arrows easily. These cases can go over R2500 new, and this one is in excellent condition!
I am located at Bloemfontein as a student and live it Bethlehem, so the case can be transported to those locations.

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