Thor Snellers, Thor verstelbare snellers te koop. K98 Staal met gewone sneller R 970.00; K98 Staal met breë sneller R 1,007.00; K98 Aluminium met breë sneller R 970.00; K98 Aluminium met kant Veiligheidsknip R 1,407.00; P14 Staal met breë sneller R 1,090.00; .303 No 1 met Standaard Sneller R 970.00; .303 No 4 met Standaard Sneller R 970.00; Era Sneller vir RSA Aksie R 1,110.00; Musgrave Sneller met kant Veilgheidsnip vir Mod 90 en 2000 R 1,407.00 Sneller Skoen R 260.00; Aflewering landswyd, Koerier R245. Kontak Johan by 065277275, of besoek:
Schmidt & Bender PM2 4-16 x 42, S&B PM2 4-16x42 Illuminated. Just as seen on photo graphs. Directly imported from Germany, Still in original box with original instructions. Never used. 34mm main tube diameter. F4 fine MIL reticule & 0.1 MIL turrets. Include Butler Creek flipup caps. 2,5
AR Backup sights
LM 4 or 5 Dust Cover with Rail, LM 4 or 5 dust cover with rail
SOLD SOLD SOLD LM 4,5,6 SCOPE MOUNT, SOLD SOLD SOLD LM 4 OR 5 OR 6 Brand new scope mount, excellent quality, surplus to my requirements
Made from aircraft aluminium. Bipod and hand grip to be removed, easy to fit
R1800-00 excluding Postnet. Contact Rob 082 935 3441 by Whatsapp or SMS only or email, calls cant be answered due to work commitments. Mount only , not the rings or scope
Scope bubble levels, View more products on, we deliver countrywide

For the most precise long-range shooting, use the bubble level to ensure that the rifle is perfectly vertical. This will eliminate potential error caused by shooting a canted rifle.

Mounts quickly and easily to the rifle scope tube.

Recknagel Mounts & Rings, A set of 25mm Recknagel rings and bases to fit K98 action, for the discerning rifleman - R2200, Postnet included.

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