Swarovski Z6 3-18x50 (4A-300) Gen2 rifle scope, I had 17 browser tabs open after a marathon research session; it was the last one that he had in stock; and it was on special for a very good price. So, I bought it and collected it the same day (22 March 2021) from the superb local vendor,, thanks to Nedbank's immediate payment option which (surprisingly) also works on public holidays.
Since then, and after some further research stretching into the wee hours, I have decided on a Schmidt-Bender Polar T96 2.5-10x50 instead -- more suitable to my real-world less-than-300m requirements (alas, I do not live/shoot in the Karoo).
And so, the Swarovski (with all its factory original accoutrements) is now available, still new in the box, to go to a deserving home. I took it out of the box (carefully and with washed hands) to look at it, and that is all. No one else touched it; it has not made contact with scope mounts; the turrets have not been turned (not even one click); and it has rested in a cool and dry, pet- and smoke-free environment. (I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I look after my things.)
But wait; there's more ! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
I am also including a Swarovski Sun Shield (707-645A), which is still new and sealed in the packet, just as I received it from on 1 April 2021. (I have not opened the outer or inner packet, as I knew I would be selling the scope.)
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