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Choate Remington 700 Short Action Stock, Choate Remington 700 Short Action Tactical  Stock RH

Any Reminton 700 Short Action Footprint action will fit (remington , badger, Defiance etc) 

Current bottom metal inlet - Hindged floorplate BDL BUT can be machined to accept DBM M5 AI style Bottom metal system

Stock Features an intergarted Alumium v-bedding block which originates from the grip and extends to the forend tip - currently one of the strongest  stocks on the market

Anschutz rail

Stock pattern - verticle grip simmilair to Mcmillan A5/B&C/MannersT

Never been mounted, bought it for a PRS style project but changed my mind to extreme long range caliber instead

Price includes Courier delivery anywhere in RSA
Silencer 30 to 375 cal, New Zealand made steel slide over barrel silencer. Suitable for 30 to 375 call. Only use for one hunting season. Extremely accurate and efficient on both recoil and noise . Brought in by Twinbore agency from New Zealand. 
Blackhawk Knoxx Axiom for Howa Short Action, Blackhawk Knoxx Axiom Stock for Howa SA, Stock still in perfect condition. Bought to change my current stock on Howa Short Action, but never got round to it and its only taking up space. Comes with two stage adjustable cheek piece, AR-style adjustable reach and all-round lovely stock.
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