Double Rifles

Double rifle for sale, A rare and classic British rifle that saw use in East Africa. With the 577 NE, you have crossed a threshold in power and will find yourself in a whole new world of stopping power.

It was built during 1911 by Webley & Scott on one of the strongest boxlock actions ever made. It is well cared for and gives a grouping of under 2 inches at 70 m.
Barrels: 26 inches
Weight: 14 ib
LOP: 14,5 inches

This is a rare opportunity to become the owner of a classic beauty which will, unlike modern double rifles, only increase in value.  
Black powder Double rifle, .54 Davide Pedersoli Double Rifle Kodiak Express,ONLY 3 shots per barrel,Incl all seen in Picture
Rifle is profesionally drilled for scope mounts.(scope and Mounts not incl)
price is neg.
Contact me @ 079 598 3007
Alternative contact : 076 094 2999
Krieghoff 470 Nitro Express Double rifle, Krieghoff 470 Nitro Express Double rifle with extras:
- Alu Snapcaps 
-Redding Die set consisting of a seater and a sizer
-Norma new Brass x 50
-Norma once fired Brass x 30
-Rhino 500gr solids x 20
-Swift A frame 500gr x 70
- 2 x Tins S365 Sonchem 
This rifle can be bought with a legal storage permit !
Wanted: 500NE or 577NE Double., Greetings folks,

My name is Pete Dippenaar, I’m a professional trials guide in the Kruger National Park.
I’ve been working in the Kruger National Park for nine years now and I encounter dangerous game at close quarters on a daily basis.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m going to survive my chosen profession and grow old doing what I love, I’m going to need something faster than a bolt action rifle.
So I’m appealing to all retired hunters or folks who bought a double for a specific African hunt and now no longer have a use for the rifle.
I live and work, day and night, in the Kruger National Park and the Greater KNP. My rifle is more than just a work tool for me, she is my constant companion. My rifle has saved my life before, thus I value her and I look after her. I send her in for servicing and re-bluing regularly, and I keep her in pristine working condition.

Don’t let your double rifle rust away standing in a safe. Let it live out it’s days under the African sun, deep in the African bush, doing what it was built to do.

If you have a double that you would consider selling to a humble trails guide, please contact me.
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