Double Rifles

.470NE, .470NE Double, is in new condition it hasn't had 40 shots throw the barrels. This double is a cellectors item and is truly a masterpiece. The pictures don't do justice.
With gold ingraved, and Turkish wallnut shoulder piece, the total weight is just 6.4kg.
Case's and die included.
416 Rigby by Ralph Badenhorst, Selling my 416 Rigby, build by Ralph Badenhorts( Bespoke) using a ZKK602 action. Comes with a Zeiss Conquest alluminated riflescope, Melville&Moon 5 cartridge holder, 20 400gr rounds of Federal Premium Swift A-Frame.
The rifle is solid,well build and accurate.
Weatherby cartridge collection, Weatherby, a name mentioned often around the campfire with respect and envy!  This collection has 11 Weatherby classic calibres mounted in it. All deactivated so no permit is required. Calibres include  224; 270;  300;  378;  416;  460;  338-378;  340;  30-378;  7mm;  240.  The 460 Weatherby  Mag was the most powerful shoulder fired cartridge in the world including the mighty 600 Nitro  until the advent of the 700 Nitro. The ammo box in this collectioon is going for R600 on EBAY alone (empty). These are original cartridges not fake dummy rounds. Set in a classic gold wooden vintage frame. You wont find another like it! The photos don't do it justice. For the collector who almost has everything in their mancave. Try find another one like it?? Trevor .
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