Double Rifles

Krieghoff 470 Nitro Express Double rifle, Krieghoff 470 Nitro Express Double rifle with extras:
- Alu Snapcaps 
-Redding Die set consisting of a seater and a sizer
-Norma new Brass x 50
-Norma once fired Brass x 30
-Rhino 500gr solids x 20
-Swift A frame 500gr x 70
- 2 x Tins S365 Sonchem 
This rifle can be bought with a legal storage permit !
Wanted: 500NE or 577NE Double., Greetings folks,

My name is Pete Dippenaar, I’m a professional trials guide in the Kruger National Park.
I’ve been working in the Kruger National Park for nine years now and I encounter dangerous game at close quarters on a daily basis.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m going to survive my chosen profession and grow old doing what I love, I’m going to need something faster than a bolt action rifle.
So I’m appealing to all retired hunters or folks who bought a double for a specific African hunt and now no longer have a use for the rifle.
I live and work, day and night, in the Kruger National Park and the Greater KNP. My rifle is more than just a work tool for me, she is my constant companion. My rifle has saved my life before, thus I value her and I look after her. I send her in for servicing and re-bluing regularly, and I keep her in pristine working condition.

Don’t let your double rifle rust away standing in a safe. Let it live out it’s days under the African sun, deep in the African bush, doing what it was built to do.

If you have a double that you would consider selling to a humble trails guide, please contact me.
.375 H&H Magnum, Brno Model 602 in .375 Holland and Holland Magnum for sale.
Stock pins and trigger job. Incredibly good condition and will print cloverleaf groups with the correct load. Manufactured in 1972, so has the pop up peep sight on the rear of the action.
Mauser Oberndorf 9.3x62 Afrika model, -- Beautiful Afrika model Mauser in 9.3x62
-- Elongated stock and ribbed barrel
-- Marked
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