9,3 Mauser, Very  nicely  balanced with good  recoil management  thanks  to  semi bull  barrel. Have successfully hunted a buffalo.

Price includes scope bases. Scope, dies etc can be bought as part of a package deal.
308 fullstock, Beautiful, light  rifle  with short  length  of pull Perfectly  balanced and  ideal for a lady  or child. Very  smooth bolt  action - hardly been used.

price includes scope bases. Scope, dies etc can also be bought separately or as package.
7x57 fullstock, Beautiful fullstock  with  palm  swell and Very  smooth bolt  action. Hair  trigger  is  one  of the best.  Some  wear on  the  blueing  of  the barrel and  trigger  guard.

Price is for rifle with 3-9x lynx scope and weaver bases. Norma brass and dies etc can also be bought.
243 Sako forester , Barrel has minor rust  spots  otherwise perfect,  original  open sights and  25mm  rings included. Loves  87gr Berger VLD  @ 3150fps

Scope, dies, brass etc not included but we can discuss package deal and prices.
CZ455 .22 and. 17HMR interchangeable barrels, This is a dual Caliber rifle, 2x barrels which means 2x licence required 
1x bull barrel. 22 with silencer
1x standard barrel. 17 HMR 
This rifle is exceptionally accurate and has a beautiful wooden Thumbhole stock 
1x. 17 HMR 5 round magazine
1x . 22 10 round mag
1x. 22 5 round mag
This rifle changes Calibers very easily, loosen 2 grub screws to exchange barrels really awesome package
R1  Rifle Trommel, Old SADF  Rifle
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