Rimfire Rifles

.22 Remington to swap / sell, R 6,000.00
  • .22 Remington to swap / sell, R 6,000.00
  • Looking to swap for a .22 Hunting rifle which is accurate , to shoot a R5 coin sized grouping at 50m . This is the classic 66 nylon semi auto . 14rnd magazine . Comes with accessories and is super fun to short. Sorry no pics but i am out the country on business , will post a bit later once back in SA. Google "remington 66" to get more info.
  • R 6,000.00
Walther Model KKM Int Match, Dedicated bench rest rimfire rifle. Competed at National level with it. Sits in a lovely Grade 3 Turkish Walnut stock. Modified to Light Varmint weight catagory. 25mm bull barrel with after market bolt knob. Made 1967. Priced for rifle only. Scope and barrel tuner ads R7k to the price. Sightron x36 target dot. 
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