Rimfire Rifles

Walther Model KKM Int Match, Dedicated bench rest rimfire rifle. Competed at National level with it. Sits in a lovely Grade 3 Turkish Walnut stock. Modified to Light Varmint weight catagory. 25mm bull barrel with after market bolt knob. Made 1967. Priced for rifle only. Scope and barrel tuner ads R7k to the price. Sightron x36 target dot. 
Marlin 2000T Target rifle, Immaculate condition...really like new.
Riflebasix Trigger
Anschutz rail
Adj. Length of Pull
Magazine and single-shot plate
Target Crown
Threaded for silencer
(No Scope, but will throw in the rings...)

R9 000

082 296 4155
Pretoria East
Stewart Rifle Sling, Die Stewart Gesplete Geweerband word van volgrein leer gemaak om jare lank die vinnige aksie van bosveld jag mee te maak, 'n stabiele platvorm te skep vir langer uit-die vuis skote, en blitsvinnig in aksie te wees met die minste gevroetel. Die netjiese geweerband komplimenteer enige geweer, en is ewe geskik om in die bosveld, vlaktes of op die skietbaan aangewend te word.
Besoek gerus http://sapremiumbullets.yolasite.com/accessories.php om meer te wete te kom en u bestelling te plaas.
Aflewering landswyd!
CZ455 .22 and. 17HMR interchangeable barrels, This is a dual Caliber rifle, 2x barrels which means 2x licence required 
1x bull barrel. 22 with silencer
1x standard barrel. 17 HMR 
This rifle is exceptionally accurate and has a beautiful wooden Thumbhole stock 
1x. 17 HMR 5 round magazine
1x . 22 10 round mag
1x. 22 5 round mag
This rifle changes Calibers very easily, loosen 2 grub screws to exchange barrels really awesome package
BRUNO .22, Very Good condition with all parts working, in tact and barely used.

Firearm is stored at a Gun Shop registered under their stock, making the application process easier.

Comes with a new 5 shot magazine and the original 10 shot magazine as well as a gun bag.
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