Glock(GEN3) 17 Barrel accessories, Lone Wolf Stainless Steel BARREL M/17 9MM THREADED 1/2 X 28
Lone Wolf LWD-COMP9 – Compensator 1/2″x28
Nielsen 9mm Silencer with 1/2×28 thread
CZ p07 gen2 , Less than 300 rounds through the barrel. Slide and barrel in new condition.

PLEASE READ: Yes, you still have to go through normal licencing procedure, the same as a new pistol.  The easiest way is to take everything as a package deal and licence it as such.

There was a faulty round that cracked the frame.  A piece of the frame broke out, so the frame is useless, but internals are still basically new, as well as the slide and barrel. Barrel and frame was inspected by a gunsmith and is still basically brand new.
Instead of trying to licence a new frame, I'm just selling everything as is (only as package deal) without mags.

R2000 for 3 mags (with plus 2 clips)

Please whatsapp me if you're interested.

I have an Olight Baldr mini (black) with a custom Sniper Gear outside holster (for Olight), used only once for R3000 for both, not negotiable.
GunSleeve - Pistol Sleeve , R 195.00
  • GunSleeve - Pistol Sleeve , R 195.00
  • As seen on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, the GünSleeve© is hand crafted from rugged, breathable, un-bleached cotton materials and a PVC barrel end.
    Protecting your pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun and carbine long- and short term, between range time, your safe and the bush.
    Incl R60 PUDO delivery!!! Nationwide (Locker to Door)

  • R 195.00

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