RSA Single shot action and rifle stock, RSA Single shot action, .308 bolt face, firing pin and extractor brand new, tactical bolt knob fitted, Era trigger, action fitted on aliminuim bedding block, 20 moa picatinny rail included.

Custom rifle stock (GRS clone), aliminuim bedding block fitted in stock,custom bottom metal and trigger guard, All work done professionally
Davies competition trigger not included/optional
Complete Orbendorf Mauser action, Complete Orbendorf Mauser action, never been used, orginal. 7x62
Thor Snellers, Thor verstelbare snellers te koop. K98 Staal met gewone sneller R 970.00; K98 Staal met breë sneller R 1,007.00; K98 Aluminium met breë sneller R 970.00; K98 Aluminium met kant Veiligheidsknip R 1,407.00; P14 Staal met breë sneller R 1,090.00; .303 No 1 met Standaard Sneller R 970.00; .303 No 4 met Standaard Sneller R 970.00; Era Sneller vir RSA Aksie R 1,110.00; Musgrave Sneller met kant Veilgheidsnip vir Mod 90 en 2000 R 1,407.00 Sneller Skoen R 260.00; Aflewering landswyd, Koerier R245. Kontak Johan by 065277275, of besoek:
Brno Magnum action with hairtrigger, Brno Magnum action with hairtrigger
Beautiful condition
Build your own rifle with this action
Magnum calibres
300WM to 458Lott
RSA Singleshot action with stock, RSA singleshot action in good condition with glassbedded stock.R7500.00
082 855 3310
RSA 2000 action with magazine, RSA 2000 action with magazine, in good condition with stock. R8500.00
Contact 082 855 3310
P 14 action, have a P 14 action fore sale R 5000.00 phone Gerhardt 083 227 8097
K98 action, Complete K98 action for sale. R3000
Action, RSA action still in exclellent condition. This is the one with the magazine. It was originally a 308 caliber. Postage is vir buyers account

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