WEATHERBY Mark V LAZERMARK stock (STOCK ONLY), Superb wood with OAKLEAF checkering.Stock is AS NEW,never been out of the gunroom.Will fit all Mark V rifles in 257,270,7 mm,300 and 340 Weatherby Magnum.UPGRADE your Mark V rifle with an absolute stunning stock. R 15 000.
Boyds Pro Varmint Stock for Howa Short Action, Boyds Pro Varmint laminated rifle stock in Forest Camo for a Howa 1500 short action rifle with normal barrel (NOT HEAVY BARREL, although I believe you can modify it to fit the HB). The stock is brand new and unused, never fitted. I bought it for a project that did not materialize.

Shipping for buyers account if required.
Thor Snellers & Onderdele, 
Thor verstelbare snellers an bykomstighede te koop.
K98 Staal met gewone sneller R 1077.00;
K98 Staal met breë sneller R 1,117.00;
K98 Aluminium met breë sneller R 1077.00; 
K98 Aluminium met kant Veiligheidsknip R 1,561.00;
P14 Staal met breë sneller R 1,207.00;
.303 No 1 met Standaard Sneller R 1077.00;
.303 No 4 met Standaard Sneller R 1077.00;
Era Sneller vir RSA Aksie R 1,231.00;
Musgrave Sneller met kant Veilgheidsnip vir Mod 90 en 2000 R 1,561.00
Sneller Skoen R 274.00;
Besigtig ons volledige pryslys op die webwerf vir meer produkte en pryse.
Aflewering landswyd, Koerier +-R300. 

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